Month: September 2018

How to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

Monitoring instant messaging and social media apps is of great importance for parents and employers. While parents are responsible to…

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promote your business in social media hezegoo

10 Ways To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Social media is being used much nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are some of the social media platforms that people…

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All about sudden Cardiac Arrest : Must Read

According to an article on healthtulip, cardiac arrest is characterized by sudden collapse, stopping of breath, pulse heartbeat, and restriction…

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Steel Casting

Terms and the Definitions that Apply into the Heat Treatment

Definitions of Heat treatment: This glossary of warmth treating terms has been comprehended by the American Foundry men’s Association, the…

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Ai and mobile hezego

Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Mobile App Industry 2018

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it’s not only a matter of dialogue for the innovators and creators in a field…

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PMAY Scheme in India

Understanding the Concept of PMAY Scheme in India?

PMAY is intended to make affordable housing a reality by 2022 Loan amount eligible for subsidies doubled to Rs.12 lakh…

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heart beat in ear

Heartbeat In-Ear: Causes And Treatment

Many of you must have experienced heartbeat in the ear while lying in bed – seldom is it anything genuine,…

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Smart Home Hubs

5 Best Smart Home Hubs 2018

The world of digitalization and technological advancements has amazed us with things that were not even expected or imagined. The…

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mobile app vs mobile site

Mobile Application vs Mobile Website: Which One is The Best Pick for Your Business?

Mobile internet and smartphones have entirely changed the way people interact with each other. A significant impact has also been…

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3 BHK Flats in Delhi

What is the Cost of Buying 3 BHK Flats in Delhi?

The National Capital, New Delhi is the most prominent business city and political hub in Northern India. Moreover, the fast-paced…

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