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Vidmate Apk is the video downloading portal which is used for downloading the videos from the internet and individual websites available out there. The most popular and the biggest video source which is well-known and popular among all the people in the globe is YouTube. People use YouTube for the entertainment and gaining the knowledge and Vidmate is the source of keeping that entertainment and knowledge in the Smartphones forever by downloading the videos you need. Not only from the YouTube videos but also from the other video portals like Vimeo, Dailymotion, FunnyOrDie, and TED make avail their videos for the users and Vidmate Free Download provides them a golden chance for getting those videos into devices.


Several Video Portals Available on the Vidmate

Let’s talk about those YouTube alternatives which are worth to download the videos from using Vidmate.

Vimeo: If you are a video seeker and love the artistic videos then you might have heard about the Vimeo, which is an artistic video portal. Artists from all over the globe upload their videos of creativity and talent so that other people can watch and learn something new. Yes! It is right that YouTube is the mammoth video uploading portal and people love to watch the video on it. But on the Vimeo, artists find the right audience who would praise and admire their talent.

Dailymotion: It is another video portal and a toe to toe competitor of the YouTube as people use it similarly as they use YouTube. Any kind of videos can be watched on it and people do not have to pay for it. There are videos of 18 languages available on the Dailymotion over the world so you can have the abundance of the videos for watching.

FunnyOrDie: As it is clear from its name that it is a kind of comedy and funny entertainment video portal on which, we can watch the English comedy and parodies for making a funny mindset and seeing everything and any problem in a funny manner.

TED: TED or Technology Entertainment and Design, which is a video portal for the users, who are in the search of inspiring and motivational videos. TED has been providing its videos for free since 1990. People come to the TED for the latest technological practical videos, entertainment-based videos and motivational videos so that they can find the solutions of their every question.

Download your Favorite Videos on the Smartphone using Vidmate

So you have a kind of great quantity of the video portals and their videos varieties. And the main thing is that they all are available on the Vidmate apk, which makes the Vidmate apk India’s top video downloading app portal. Not only this, Vidmate gives you the facility of downloading all of those videos into your Smartphone available on the website shortcuts built-in in the Vidmate. Plus, you have the amenity of downloading those videos in any quality and format for enjoying the videos with your family and friends by sharing with them

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