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rajat khare singapore

Rajat Khare founded Boundary Holding invests in Singapore-based AI startup

Facial recognition and video analytics firm, XRVision, based in Singapore has garnered funding from global investment firm Boundary Holding, an…

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Why Self Storage Is Perfect For Students

Do you have a son or daughter who is in living away at University or College? Or maybe you yourself…

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Alexa ranking

Top 5 Methods to Increase Alexa Ranking in 2019

What are ALEXA and ALEXA Ranking? Alexa is a popular intelligence tool that shows the extent of traffic of the…

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Vidmate Apk to Enjoy Its Seamless Experience

Are you using Vidmate app to keep connected with the entertainment source?  Do you wish to enjoy a seamless experience…

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Save energy and have a good and better life

If you have air conditioner or cooler, then you must be getting a huge amount of bill. If you want…

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Steel Casting

The Technical Processes of Steel Casting Frames

Steel casting is a procedure of mixing raw steel with other metals creating an alloy which is believed to be…

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10 Best Study Apps for Student

Previously as a student, you had to face tonnes of difficulties. It can be of sharing notes or finding the…

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Download Vidmate From 9apps and Sort Lots Of Videos

Today, everyone is accessing high speed of internet for various purposes.  Smartphone users have more choices to operate internet on…

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Should you invest in fixed deposits when interest rates are fluctuating?

A fixed deposit allows you to enjoy assured earnings on your invested funds. This is because the interest earnings on…

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What is Kodi and How It Works?

Kodi is literally everywhere. Whenever we talk about awesome streaming services like Netflix, you’ll likely hear someone mention Kodi. Launched…

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