Which auto insurance to choose for a young driver?

What is a young driver?

There is no legal definition of what is a young driver, whether in the Highway Code or the Insurance Code but generally, it is considered that it is drivers with a driving license for 3 years , the duration of the probationary driving license .

For auto insurance companies, all drivers who have not been insured in the last three years are also considered young drivers. Is:

Motorists who have never been insured (whether in their own name or on the contract of their parents or spouse);

Drivers of a company car not designated as such on the vehicle’s auto insurance policy;

Motorists who have passed the Code and the driver’s license following cancellation of the latter.

Young driver’s auto insurance: a legal obligation

Like any motorist, a young driver is legally obliged to subscribe at least third-party car insurance or third-party liability, to cover any bodily injury or material damage that could be caused to a third party in the event of a responsible accident.

Considered inexperienced by most insurers, young drivers are often subject to surcharges of up to 100% of the equivalent car insurance rate. This surcharge compensates for a higher risk of loss, as stipulated in the Insurance Code in article A.335-9-1.

How to pay less for his young driver insurance?

Fortunately, there are still some solutions to avoid exploding your budget when choosing your young driver insurance policy.

Accompanied driving. If you have obtained your driver’s license as part of the accompanied driving, know that you will automatically benefit from a 50% reduction of the premiums charged by insurers for young people allowed and this, from your first year of driving.

The dedicated offers. Some insurers offer premium reductions for drivers under the age of 25.

Be sure as a secondary driver on your parent’s insurance Opt for the insurer of your parents. If your parents are loyal insured and have a good track record, negotiating your young car insurance policy with their insurance company can help you get a premium reduction of up to 30% policy . If you do not intend to use your car regularly or just drive your parents’, you can register as a second driver on their contract (or any other member of your family). You will have to respect certain conditions of use of the vehicle, but you will save the young extra premium the time to become a confirmed driver (3 years thus) while acquiring the experiment as a motorist. And this without your parents having to pay much more.

Opt for a used car and purchase third-party car insurance. For your first car, no need to splurge! Time to make your hand, choose a small used car of low value. Indeed, the price and the power of the vehicle to be insured enter into the calculation of the premium. If your car is not expensive, you do not need to take out comprehensive insurance. The basic formula will be sufficient.

Sign up for an auto insurance offer at a kilometer or Pay as You Drive. With this contract, you no longer pay a fixed contribution but a flexible premium depending on the journeys you make. Ideal if you rarely use your car.

Compare young driver’s auto insurance to make the best choice

Regardless of whether it is young or old, any motorist and new vehicle purchaser must have necessary reflexes when choosing and determining the type of auto insurance policy that suits them.

The young driver remains primarily a motorist who seeks optimal coverage for his vehicle, at the best price. The priority is to adapt your car insurance policy to the type of vehicle you own and the use you will make of it. Third-party insurance, with the third liability cover, can be financially attractive, but its coverage is very limited in the event of an accident.

Increasing protection in the event of an accident is therefore crucial for a young driver who has recently been licensed and has a relatively new vehicle. On the other hand, full protection is not necessarily ideal financially for young drivers. We must then play to the maximum competition and compare the different offers. Feel free to ask for auto insurance quotes online from different companies using our auto insurance comparator to save valuable time.

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