The 7 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

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To manage business relationships, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has offered a variety of solutions for all kinds of businesses. At the end of the year 2016, Microsoft has changed the core functionality of this program for businesses. It comes with a lot of benefits even for the Field Service industries. For Service-oriented industries, KloudGin offers a variety of Field Service Management Software with advanced technologies. You can get the desired results and see instant growth with improved productivity.

New generation FSM software designed with Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to improve your business growth and productivity. A reliable FSM Software can handle a variety of tasks in your businesses. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can finish the field-related tasks more effectively. Let’s check out all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Field Service Industry.

Proper Training for the users

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comes with proper training for the users. All the staff members and technicians can easily understand the basics of this service and platform. It also included integration work, creating new processes which run automatically and delivering the new tasks on time.

Predictable Pricing on Priorities

You can start with your requirements for the services you require from Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can adapt the service on an hourly basis; you can go with 25+ hours a month package of its consultancy, training, and support which is quite affordable.

Schedules Tasks on Demands

With excellent services of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can effectively schedule a variety of tasks as per the demands from the users, or we can say from the consumers. The CRM schedules tasks for the technicians and staff members which can understand your needs and priority of their tasks.

Complimentary Training

You can subscribe to the premium account of the services and managed system which comes with complimentary training. You can have full access to complimentary training tutorials once you subscribed for the premium account.

With new training sessions and courses, you can improve your basic knowledge and skills. Additionally, you can also learn new processes which would be helpful for you to run a successful organization. This also helps you to drive critical user engagement.

Seamless Integration

One of the best parts of this Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is it can be integrated with other useful Microsoft tools easily. It comes with a significant impact on the productivity and overall performance of the organization.

With integrated Microsoft tools such as Outlook, you can view existing customer’s information, overall sales, history, transactions and more. Apart from this, you can also complete a variety of tasks right from the screen of Outlook such as adding new tasks, appointments, phone calls to customers, tracking emails of the users, etc.

With easy integration, you can integrate and use other useful Microsoft apps within the same system. You can also build your own custom applications to develop the future of the Organization.

Enhanced Customer Service

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, an organization can improve case management to view their customer services. Customer service team can work together to offer the best and most satisfactory services to all the customers. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides customer service team many useful tools with proper guidelines to all the regular customers.

With a proper set of tools and guidance, the team can fetch the essential data quickly and resolve all the issues effectively. It helps the team in delivering more personalized and effective support. When the customer receives satisfactory service, he would recommend your name to others. This way, you will see growth in your organization and its overall productivity.

More flexibility with great insights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps develop on one common platform. The platform includes powerful tools and flexible workflow for the users. These tools let you use and explore the system’s various functions automatically. More of your organizational tasks will be done automatically.

Automatic tasks such as scheduling reports, sending out emails to customers, follow-up schedules and updating record statuses of the customers and organization. The tools also let you customize the information and data of the customers as per your requirements. You can take full control of all the data and customize them easily.


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