How To Deal With An Accident Or a Breakdown With a Rental Car?

There’s nothing to like about breakdowns and accidents especially when you’ve rented a car from the airport or probably chartered one for the coming holiday. That said; no one really choose to have an accident or perhaps a tyre blowout but such things just happen. And doesn’t matter how busy we’re planning our hard-earned and well-deserved holiday, expect the unexpected and be prepared with a backup plan.


In case of a road accident, you’d need to act fast and wisely. It’s natural of a person to panic after an accident but it also check the surrounding to ensure everything and everyone’s safe and sound. Carefully check for injuries and ensure on the safety of the passenger(s) (if any), passer-by’s and of course, yourself as well. Having emergency contact number is perhaps the best thing but in case you don’t have one, do ask road passengers to share some or tow your chartered vehicle to safety.

Photo evidence

If yours is rent a car in Bahrain airport, take snapshots of the entire vehicle and objects that are affected during the accident. These photos can prove to be a saviour and of utmost importance lately being the only evidence necessary for insurance claim.

Make a call

If your rental car had an accident, a breakdown or worst, stolen, you should report the local supplier and authorities of the incident within 24-hours. Although, informing the supplier immediately is the best thing to arrange emergency road assistance. In case you notice any particular damage that might’ve skipped your sight previously, also inform the supplier and report it.

Damage by a discreet person

At other time, you might’ve parked the car at a safe spot and went for a peaceful stroll only to find it scratched, damaged or hit. Here’s when your peaceful stroll flies away only to be replaced with the pressure of a damaged vehicle.

If you’re caught in the situation or the rental car has experienced some new damage cause by collision with someone else’s property, a police report must be filed within 24-hours of the incident. Do inform the official service of rent a car in Bahrain airport about the incident.

Even if incident isn’t all too serious, it’s better to inform the local authorities and car rental service provider. Failing to do so would invalidate your complaint and refund request.

Car repairs

Another factor to bear in mind is repairs and possible replacement of the car parts following an accident of any sort. The local supplier should give their authorisation and consent over repairs before beginning any work done on the car.

When taking help of a breakdown service, they’ll either be able to fix the car or at least tow it to the nearest garage. In case your chartered car is irreparable in reasonable time, the rental company will probably arrange a replacement/alternate vehicle but you should definitely ask the rules and regulations.


Whatever the paperwork, receipts and invoices you would receive during the process, don’t discard them because these’re hard evidence and a means to support your claim request.

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