A Guide to Buying Flats in Bangalore

Are you looking to buy flats in Bangalore? Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city which is thronged by different people due to its immense job opportunities.

Hence, there is a boom in the real estate sector here as there is a huge demand for residential properties. However, buying a property is one of the biggest decisions in your life, and you should do that after considering many aspects. It will help you not only keep off from being conned but even get the best ROI of your flats in the future.

However, more than the deals and discounts being provided by a builder, you should look for some basics while booking flats in Bangalore. You may come across many real estate projects in the city such as Alembic Urban Forest that may attract you.

Here’s a quick guide that will help you purchase your flats in Bangalore. Read on!

1). The locality/area factor

The location of your new flat is one of the key aspects that you should decide first. Is the location near to your office? Is the locality peaceful and free from slums? Would you get better public transport connectivity? How far is the location from the railway station and the airport? Does the locality have quality schools for your kids? Are you well surrounded by quality restaurants, malls and other utility services? If your next address has got all these, you should look no further and book it now.

2). What about the appreciation factor?

The next thing is comparing how the overall appreciation in your area is and especially in the project that you wish to buy. You need to know that appreciation is vital for a real estate investment. It is because it leads to a higher return at the time of selling it in the future or increasing the rent if you let it out.

3). Compare and then buy

Many homebuyers give in to the temptation of the marketing strategy played down by the project builder. The higher is the number of offers and deals; the lesser will be the construction quality of the housing project. Hence, before falling for the tempting offers and booking the house for any amount, you should asses your budget and market. Look if the price quotation given by your builder matches with the trend in the market or not. To do that, you can simply land on a third-party property website and compare the prices of the best properties. Like this, you can avoid paying more for getting an inferior flat.

4). Check out the status of your builder

Some of the factors that you should check to assess the reputation of your proposed developer before you book flats in Bangalore are:

  • How many projects have the builder launched, completed, and delivered on time?
  • Are there any pending approvals from authorities?
  • Does the Government of Karnataka approve the project?
  • Is the housing project RERA registered?
  • Is the sale deed clear or does it have any disputes?
  • Is the builder transparent in providing property documents for verification?
  • What are other buyer’s opinions about the builder on common public forums?
  • Can you visit the site and check the progress of the project from time to time?

Has your builder abided by all and given you a proper explanation to all the above questions with all with proofs? You can book flats in Bangalore with it.

Some of the vital things before buying flats in Bangalore are discussed. If you also plan to buy flats in Bangalore, you should keep the discussed points in mind. It will help you go for the best of the properties at the best prices. All the best!          

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