10 Best Study Apps for Student

Previously as a student, you had to face tonnes of difficulties. It can be of sharing notes or finding the…

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Download Vidmate From 9apps and Sort Lots Of Videos

Today, everyone is accessing high speed of internet for various purposes.  Smartphone users have more choices to operate internet on…

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What is Kodi and How It Works?

Kodi is literally everywhere. Whenever we talk about awesome streaming services like Netflix, you’ll likely hear someone mention Kodi. Launched…

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Is Torrenting Illegal in Europe

Torrent is the buzzword for all those who love watching movies, TV shows, games, softwares or just about anything. According…

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Would it be advisable for us to Be Concerned When Using Electronic Payment Systems?

The world currently works generally through the World Wide Web. New web based organizations are jumping up all an opportunity…

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Cyber Espionage is a Growing Threat

The UK, Canada and US took the unusual step of publically naming individuals involved in hacking Cyber Espionage – the…

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Ai and mobile hezego

Role of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Mobile App Industry 2018

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it’s not only a matter of dialogue for the innovators and creators in a field…

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mobile app vs mobile site

Mobile Application vs Mobile Website: Which One is The Best Pick for Your Business?

Mobile internet and smartphones have entirely changed the way people interact with each other. A significant impact has also been…

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google indexing

Why Your Web Pages Are Not Indexing on Google Search?

Web pages not indexing!! This is extremely frustrating if you had tick-marked all that you were required to. You may…

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content in seo

On the Importance of Content in SEO

My mother has been complaining for a couple of days now that I have developed this annoying habit of whining…

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