Why You Should Choose Destination Wedding Over Local Wedding?

The emergence of the concept of a destination wedding is certainly no less than a boon for the millennial couples. Earlier the scenario of a wedding was quite different and confined. Majority of the couples used to choose local destinations for weddings so that more and more number of relatives could attend weddings. With the passage of time and the advent of resources, destination wedding becomes the prime choice among the couples because it’s more intimate and encloses only a few special guests.

Feeling perplexed which style of wedding to consider? We have whittled down some aspects that will show you why you should prefer destination wedding over the local wedding.

  1.    Guest list

Destination Wedding – Unquestionably, a destination wedding is the ideal option if you want to celebrate your wedding function with only closed ones. When it comes down to making a guest list, destination wedding has numerous advantages. First, you get the chance to trim down the list and invite only those who matter in your life. Second, you save yourself from the awkward hellos and random photographs with the people whom you barely know.

Local Wedding – With a local wedding, you can make a towering guest list and invite everyone, even those individuals to whom your father said hello several years ago on the streets. A local wedding amplifies the cost of wedding manifold times and fills your wedding album with unwanted people.

  1.    Cost

Destination – If we consider the cost factor, a destination wedding has a clear upper hand over the local wedding. Those couples who are extremely tight on budget, for them a destination wedding is a regaling option. The reason behind low cost of the destination wedding is the limited number of guests which ultimately brings down the cost of accommodation, food, travel etc. You can cut down the cost furthermore if you choose to hire the top wedding planners in Bangalore who are experts in managing wedding functions efficiently.

Local Wedding – It is best when you have flocks of guests to invite. A local wedding will surely make a big dent in your pocket. But if there is no budget restriction, you are free to spend to your heart’s content.

  1.    Simplicity & Uniqueness

Destination Wedding – Without a shadow of the doubt, destination weddings are more unique and simple than local weddings. Destination wedding renders you the privilege to choose from a myriad of awe-inspiring locations, untouched wedding themes that make your wedding unforgettable. In addition to that, a destination wedding is simplistic because you don’t have to plan much except for choosing locations and hotels for the wedding function.

Local Wedding – We are not saying that you can’t make the local wedding unique and extravagant. You can exactly get whatever you want right at your wedding destination and there will be numerous people around you to help you out to manage everything. However, you need to give a lot of attention in detailing when it comes to planning a local wedding which is daunting.

Above pointers lucidly indicates that a destination wedding is far better and budget-friendly option. You can hire the illustrious wedding planners from online wedding market like Shaadidukaan to make your destination wedding more happening and seamless affair. Visit the website, go through the profile of vendors and pick the one that suits your taste.

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