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Before Looking for Design Agencies in New Jersey

Graphic design is an essential ingredient of web marketing. If you feel that your marketing agency lacks expertise in graphic designing, you should probably look for another agency. But, first, it’s important to understand what graphic design means in marketing.

What You Didn’t Know About Design (Or Maybe You Did)

In essence, graphic design is art. But in marketing, it’s art with a purpose. The purpose is to persuade the potential customer to buy your product and service. Graphic design has to be based on a deep understanding of your brand as well as the social, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic characteristics of your customers.

For example, the Starbucks logo features a siren, alluding to the brand’s history as a seafront coffee joint—and suggesting that the coffee is as seductive as the bare-breasted two-tailed mermaid. Nike’s swoosh signifies action and activity, just what the brand’s fans desire.

Graphic designing does a lot of useful things for your business. A thoughtfully designed logo generates brand recognition and recall. A display ad highlighting your brand’s attributes and delivering a consistent message persuades people to consider buying your product or service. An aesthetically designed website captivates your visitors and encourages them to say longer, getting you better rankings and more conversions.

In the words of Steve Jobs, design is not how it looks or feels like; design is how it works. A good marketing agency should be able to create designs that work for your business. The design should build your brand and get you more sales.

Design Services that a Top New Jersey Based Marketing Agency Delivers

Corporate ID and Logo Design

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This is where visual branding starts. Of course, you have already done the customer research and decided on the theme and the philosophy behind your logo and brand. If you haven’t, your marketing agency should be able to help. They should design a unique and powerful logo and corporate identity including the color scheme and other graphic design elements.

Web Design

Web Design

Web design is different from web development. A developer uses one of the development platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, or Shopify) to create different elements of your website. A designer visualizes what those elements would be and how they would come together to deliver a great user experience. Top marketing agencies often team up user-experience experts with web-graphic designers to test and streamline the design.

Content Design

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Content becomes more engaging when supported by great visual design. Images, infographics, and data visualization increase the reach and impact of your blog posts, Facebook or Twitter updates, and other forms of text content. Your marketing agency should design great visual content such as videos, GIFs, animations, and photos.

Ad Design

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Paid advertising is crucial if you don’t want your business to grow at snail’s pace. Powerful, targeted ad design increases the return on your advertising investment, while sloppy ad design does the opposite. Your marketing agency should specialize in advertising on Google Ads and Facebook, two of the world’s most popular advertising platforms. It should create multiple ad options, test them, and use the variant that delivers the most clicks and conversions.

Video Design

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Videos are a type of content, but we mention them separately because they’re the most powerful type of content these days. Nothing compares to the reach and engagement that smartly produced short videos deliver on social media. A modern marketing agency is aware of the power of video and puts it behind your brand by creating awesome videos that get viewed and shared by the thousands, if not millions.

Event Design

Event Design

Events and activation make your brand look lively and interactive. Thanks to the internet, you can host an event remotely and have viewers from around the world. If that’s something your business needs, you should select a marketing agency that specializes in designing online events. The events can include product launch, live demonstrations, sponsored events, and more. You can host events using tools such as Facebook live video, YouTube Live, Eventbrite, GoToWebinar, and many others, and your agency should be a part of the solution. Delivers “Design That Works”, a New Jersey-based marketing company, supercharges your marketing efforts by creating targeted and persuading design. From web design for startups to multichannel campaign design for enterprises, we can handle “anything marketing.” Visit our website if you like the article.

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