6 Driving Violations You Should Avoid At All Cost

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Drink driving, illegal parking and speeding are only a few known driving offences but the list extends beyond these. Let’s have a look at major driving violations that can land you in big trouble and must be avoided whatsoever.

  • Using mobile phone while driving

In almost every country, using a hand-held device that can be a phone or any other whilst driving is against the law. That said, even if you’re waiting for the green light or stuck in traffic, using mobile phone behind the wheel is a serious offence.

Anyone accustomed to this habit is four-times greater risk of a road accident as mobile phone is biggest distraction that can compromise the safety of you and others on the road. A safer alternative is using a hands-free but even if that’s a distraction, refrain using it to avoid accident or a burdensome lawsuit.

  • Flashing the lights to communicate with roadsters

If you’ve been flashing the headlights to communicate with other motorists, you’re actually violating the law but perhaps unknowingly. Sometimes, drivers do this as a gesture of kindness to alert a vehicle ahead and avoid blowing a loud horn. Still, the law is against flashing the headlights to other motorists and conveying a message or communication whatsoever. If you’re caught by the authorities doing so for any reason, you could land yourself a hefty fine or a warning.

  • Throwing litter out of the car

Even if it’s something as insignificant as a candy wrap, a banana peel or empty soda-pop can, throwing rubbish out of the car window can create big problem for yourself. In the UK, the government has introduced new steps to tackle litter through on-the-spot fines against drivers and vehicle owners found guilty of dumping trash from their cars. If the trash is bugging you, find a roadside dumpster and do the needful in a more responsible manner.

  • Leaving an functional car unattended

For some, it mightn’t seem like a big deal but leaving behind a running car unattended is a huge no-no. Walking away from the vehicle with the engine ON is regarded as an offence in typical road traffic law, it’s known as ‘idling’. Doing so increases the amount of exhaust fumes in the air which is harmful for the environment. Some of these fumes contain harmful gases that are associated to a number of health anomalies including asthma and lung ailments.

  • Smoking whilst children in the car

Besides being bad for health, smoking whilst driving can get you in serious trouble especially if you’re riding with children. That said; if you’re smoking in the car having a teenager under 18-years, it’s illegal and can lay you with hefty fines of more than a $100.

  • Driving with low tread depth

Driving at a tread depth below the legal limit also lead to heavy dines and points on the license. It also increases the braking distance and reduces grip on the road which raises the risk of accident and aquaplaning on wet surface. In case your tread depth fell below the legal minimum, always have genuine Dunlop tyres mounted on your car for superior performance and quality driving.

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