Why Email Is The Best Online Marketing Channel

Okay, we always tend to exaggerate when we want to highlight the virtues of something or someone, something that (we promise) will not happen in this case: the mail is still the best channel for the development of online marketing campaigns. Even at the risk of my agency colleagues digging up the hatchet, defenders at all costs of other strategies, tools and campaigns that have nothing to do, email marketing is still vital to generate impacts and close conversions. And when I say vital, I mean it is the most vital of all the chirimbolos we use to increase our sales on the internet.

One of the channels that generates more ROI

The electronic mail, in spite of what the doomsayers say, is among the main channels when calculating the ROI. According to SKWebDesignSolutions; leading logo design company, companies enter $ 40 for every dollar invested in email marketing. In their calculations go much further than estimating an income of $ 6.50 per dollar when running campaigns with influencers and only $ 2 per dollar spent in Google AdWords. I’m so sorry, Angel!

It’s really cheap

The entry barrier of the email is really low compared to other alternatives. A subscription to a professional email marketing plan can start at 30 euros per month and gives access to a platform capable, for example, of performing A / B tests. This would allow you to reach all registered customers in your online store. In addition, creating or expanding a database is really simple and economical. From GetResponse they put as an example to Wee Squeak, an eCommerce of children’s footwear: with an investment of 90 dollars in Facebook they managed 600 email addresses (only 15 cents per email). That is, you can set up a campaign of these characteristics for much less than 500 euros,

It is also much cheaper if we think about marketing campaigns with influencers: we can promote our products through their channels, but we must also remember that the life cycle of that action is infinitely shorter. Time also happens in the time lines of any social network. Therefore, at this point we can only ask you one thing: do you prefer to spend 500 euros and have a database to send emails again and again or invest that same money in a single Instagram publication whose visibility will be virtually zero with the passing of the hours?

The best way to nurture potential customers

The average conversion rate ranges between 1% and 2%. We can not expect a customer newly landed in our business to make a company. It is necessary to nourish it until it is really ready. And this is where email plays a fundamental role! Imagine that a person is thinking about subscribing to your eCommerce: do you really think it’s ready to buy? Obviously not. Therefore, we would lose him if we started selling him directly. We have to give him time for his interest to increase. The email allows us to nurture that interest drop by drop and in an automated way, following a sequence: first, presenting the company. Later, you hit another email with testimonials and reviews. Then, you send an ebook with interesting information about the sector in which you develop your activity, although without falling into self-sacrifice. And so, to infinity and beyond. The interaction generated through your emails (openings and clicks) will determine how mature a record is and, therefore, the possibilities you have to close a transaction.

All this is very difficult to achieve through other means. Facebook allows us to create ads aimed at people who have interacted with any of the ads we have published on this social network, but the process is more complex than the one developed in email marketing campaigns and does not give us an overview of the workflow ( something we do find in email campaigns).

Create lists for little money

Creativity and understanding on the part of your target audience. Those are the keys when creating email lists. And is that money, of course, is not a factor of relevance in this regard. The reason? Monthly subscriptions are really cheap (for about 40 euros a month we can access one), but this does not guarantee success to trigger our conversion rates. We must develop those two skills to achieve our goals. Thus, you can double, triple or even quadruple your income while maintaining the cost of the monthly subscription.

Let’s go to Google AdWords now. Obviously, it has a powerful tool that helps us optimize and adjust the orientation of the ads, but it does not let us get in touch with new audiences without increasing the investment. What is it? That to double our revenues we will often have to double our advertising investment (or maybe more), since the CPA has to increase when we want to reach a wider audience. Not to mention the competition and the increase in bids.

The guys from GetResponse remind us that the general trend indicates that costs grow and will continue to grow. The average conversion rate in 2016 was 33 dollars, 214% more than in 2013.


Undoubtedly, the emails can be customized more, better and in a much simpler way than the rest of alternatives, a fundamental aspect nowadays. Despite this, according to GetResponse, only 14% of marketers opt for automation to customize their own marketing efforts … with all that that entails! The main reason is that they consider that the personalization is not really effective, when the only reason that leads them to think that is that they are not executing their campaigns correctly.

For example , entering someone’s first name in an email marketing campaign is not really a personalization. This should extend to the message that someone receives, as well as the moment in which that communication arrives in his tray. New potential customers should receive a welcome message and people who have seen a product and have not purchased it should get a different one. The same goes for loyal customers. There must be a specific communication for each of them. That is personalization! There are tools that analyze how users have interacted with our electronic commerce. This way, it will help us to determine the type of email that we will have to send to each one of them.

White flag!

Obviously, with this post I do not want to generate a war within the agency. Emails are not the only true faith in the world of digital marketing. We must bet on a comprehensive strategy, so you should not leave the other channels under any circumstances. All have advantages and disadvantages, so the best way to ensure the success of our trade is to strengthen ourselves, precisely, with an integral online marketing plan.

Mordan Sean:

The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SKWebDesigningSolutions a leading Custom Logo Design Services provider in the United States.

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