Seven Items Baby-Led Weaning To Encourage Autonomy in Feeding Your Baby

The Baby-led weaning (BLW) is a feeding method guided by the baby. That is to say, the child is the one who learns to eat only from the beginning, following his own rhythm, without any external imposition and regulating his own needs. The parents will accompany their son in the process, trusting him and encouraging his autonomy.

And one of the best ways to achieve the correct autonomy of the baby during his feeding is allowing him to use his hands to take food, experiment with them and put them in his mouth. But there are also food items that can help in this task. We have consulted with the experts of the Baby Led Weaning School, and these have been their recommendations.

Highchair with tray

For experts in the method, a highchair with removable tray is one of the essential tools at the time of starting in the BLW method. Thanks to it, the baby can be seated comfortably and safely while eating, and if we also choose an evolutionary highchair (that is, that is adjusted to the growth of the baby), we will facilitate your autonomy to rise and fall by yourself as that grows.

In the market, there is a wide offer in high chairs. This one we propose is from the Piku Twit-Twoo brand. It has six height positions, adjustable footrest, safety harnesses, and easy cleaning tray.

Portable or auxiliary highchair

But it is also important to consider the subject of the highchair when we go out to eat, so it may be advisable to get a laptop. In this way, we can continue putting the method into practice even if we are not in our house.

The portable highchair is also an excellent option for second homes, or to leave it at the grandparents’ house. This way we will guarantee the comfort and safety of our baby at any time when feeding.

We propose you this Star Ibaby brand highchair, with non-slip base and safety harnesses to tie to the chair. It also has a removable tray, and its small size is perfect to be transported from one side to another. you will find it on

Anti-slip dishes

Although we can place food directly on the highchair tray or the table on which the baby feels, we can also resort to the use of anti-slip dishes. This type of dishes has a support at the base that prevents them from moving so that the child can handle food more safely.

And we also leave this other model in the form of a single tablecloth and a built-in bowl, available in both blue and red. Its fastening system is the same as the previous model, fixed to the surface by means of silicone suction cups.


And although the basic basis of the BLW method is the use of hands, as the baby grows we can offer spoons and forks so that he can experiment with them and practice their use. But it is important that the cutlery be safe, soft to the touch and have an ergonomic design that allows the baby to hold them firmly and to be able to easily pick up food.

In online stores, you can find this type of spoon, made of silicone, with rounded edges, stable handle that facilitates its grip and flexibility. Its original design will allow the baby to pick up dense texture foods, such as vegetable purees, creams, yogurts … without spilling.

And we also share another type of pre-spoon that has called us particularly attention for its design in the form of a cannula. Its flexible tip allows easy grasping of food, and is made of soft and flexible food silicone, it is also a great help for babies who start teething.

Evolutionary learning vessels

And when it comes to eating, we can not forget to leave a glass of water within reach of our baby, although any glass is not useful! We must opt ​​for evolutionary learning vessels, which allow the baby to grab it easily and bring it to the mouth safely, without the liquid spilling excessively.

In online stores, we have seen this evolutionary cup 3 in 1 of the Béaba brand, which allows converting the initial bottle into a learning vessel and, finally, into a cup. In this way, we can adapt the glass to the needs of our baby as it grows. Now you can check and buy baby and kids equipments online by searching world best online stores linke


Undoubtedly the bibs are one of the essential accessories when we start with the complementary feeding of our baby. But if we opt for the BLW method, it is best to opt for large, waterproof and comfortable bibs, because our baby will get very dirty at lunchtime.

Waterproof bibs made of EVA, sleeveless, flexible and easy to clean. They have a pocket in the front that will help to collect the spilled food.

Silicone bibs with large anti-spill front pocket. They are flexible, they are cleaned very easily and they have a closure system that allows adjusting to the neck of the baby with great comfort.

And finally, we leave this last model of the bib with sleeves. They cover a larger body surface thanks to its apron-like design and are easily cleaned and dried thanks to its waterproof design.

Trolley / auxiliary cabinet

And the BLW experts also advise us to encourage the autonomy of our little one as she grows up, entrusting her with home chores that she can carry out according to her age.

Thus, around two-three years, we can encourage you to help us set the table at lunchtime, facilitating their autonomy with the placement of a closet, cart or similar, where the child sees, saves and easily remove your kitchen utensils.

Attending to the criteria recommended by the experts, we propose this auxiliary trolley, manufactured in resistant material and ample space, that you can place in your kitchen or dining room within reach of your little one.

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