Exotic Muslim-Friendly Most Romentic Honeymoon Destinations

Perfect Honeymoon

As the wedding bells are ringing around most corners of the world, so is the planning of honeymoon is at the peak. Non-Muslims have an easy job because they don’t have to look for Halal holidays and can only plan it according to the budget. Muslims need to know more about the Muslim friendly destinations. As the world has started recognising the need for Muslim friendly holidays, they are now getting the awareness regarding privacy for Muslims couples on their honeymoon. If you’re also among to be wedded couples, let us help you plan your honeymoon journey by proving the list of Muslim friendly destination.

Places to Choose for Your Perfect Honeymoon

Let’s be realistic about the expensive. You know the countless number of places that have exotic sights to be with your partner but the real question is are they affordable? Most of them are not. You may plan something and expect It to be awesome but it ends up totally opposite. So, when you’re planning your trip either it’s a family or honey moon package just be realistic about the places and their prices too. Economical may be budgeted but they don’t always give you the craziest ride on your journey. Luxurious resorts with a number of amenities make it like a real deal. Then there is another fact that not everyone needs to buy the trend. Just because someone else has the dream honeymoon in the Maldives, so you have to do the same. You can choose any other place that falls within your budget. Well, sometimes, low budget deals are the greatest to enjoy.

The honeymoon is the period of discovering each other. This is the time when you get to know your partner in a better way. Now, there are some of the famous destinations for your perfect honeymoon plans, have a look.

  • Thailand

Thailand has a very good range of luxury resorts and beaches. You can book holidays through the Muslims Holy travel and they will get you best deals considering a Muslim friendly ambience of accommodation. The flight to Thailand from Europe is also very reasonable and convenient. Hotels are not that expensive in the country and you can also request for a private pool on a limited budget.

  • Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful Island so is affordable. Indonesia is of the country with some stunning and mind-blowing sceneries. They are well known by the Muslims community and cater the best hospitality services for their tourist. Although the majority of its population is Hindu they know to maintain the class. There are also plenty of restaurants with Halal food.

  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a rare option for the honeymoon planners. I believe that the place is amazing. It has beautiful beaches, luxury villas and a lot more. It’s temples, markets and many other activities that also include the best and Muslim friendly dining options. Colombo is one of the cities with some exotic options of accommodation for the couples.

  • Philippines

It has the small islands that go great with the honeymoon pictures. Beaches are worth visiting and there are plenty of great options for accommodation. As it is less travelled country, the hotels are available at very reasonable prices.

  • Malaysia

If you’re into the thrilling fun of the city then include Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in your list. This place is amazing for the couples especially. Islands, beaches, luxury resorts, private pools and most importantly they offer the prayer facility too. So, you don’t have to miss your religion during your honeymoon period.

Halal Holidays are now the new trend and it was also needed for the Muslims. As the most travel companies are launching their special services, it is making half of the world Muslim friendly.

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