Ford Focuses On Safety, Know about Ford Safety Features

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Ford in its more than 120 years old stand has brought out many likable vehicles and now it looks like the giant carmaker has come up with a new theme focusing on the so-called SAFETY. One can easily understand this from its new advertisements.

The TV ad that went live the previous month confirms the same which has Ford EcoSport equipped with 6 airbags and this directly conveys what the company is trying to focus on.

Why shouldn’t it bet on it as it’s one of the few companies in India that offers up to 6 airbags in 3 of its budget vehicles: Ford Figo (hatchback), Figo Aspire (compact/ sub-four-meter saloon), and EcoSport (compact SUV). Purchase the top-end variants of the above three and you’ll be secured with 6 airbags apart from standard EBD and ABS. The base models are slightly higher in safety features in comparison to its competitor vehicles. The base models come with standard offerings (a driver airbag on Figo, dual airbags on the EcoSport and Aspire) which aren’t present in many of its competitors’ base models. Few models also have Traction Control, Hill Launch Assist & ESP too. Along with these, there is even customizable ‘MyKey’ that allows the car owner to operate functions such as seat-belt reminder, speed limiter and even limit the volume of the audio system.

Coming to the safety of its high-end SUV: the Endeavour, it comes with nearly 7 airbags in addition to other driver supports. And as far as Mustang, it’s flagship product it is obtainable in 1 fully-equipped trim and as such offers 8 airbags (2 for driver and passenger knees, too), amongst the electronic nannies to make sure that the authoritative 5-litre V8 is responsibly enjoyed.

Falling in line with Ford many car producers have begun to hike their respective safety measures, before the BNVSAP, and it wouldn’t be an astonishment if Ford comes out as the top player in the forthcoming safety event.

Going in line with Ford its customers have even started to give more importance to safety. According to a survey conducted by Ford India, 70% of the customers out of 22000 participants didn’t consider safety while buying a vehicle which is really surprising. Even if you are one amongst that 70 % or the one who wishes to ignore safety or give last preference to it kindly bear in mind that a vehicle is nothing if it doesn’t have basic safety features.

While Ford is actively betting on safety issues why not we have a look on what safety armors it has in its arsenal.

  • Superior material is used in every Ford making. Conducive alloys & better wiring material give the much-needed safety both within & out.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) balances brake force between rear & front wheels thereby preventing wheels from getting locked.
  • Hill Launch Assist comes as a savior when you are mounting any mountain. It temporarily obstructs the rolling down of vehicle by exerting pressure on the brakes for an extra 2.5 seconds.
  • Traction Control and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) combinedly lowers wheel spins in addition to over- or under-steering in corners.
  • With all these safety features there isn’t any wrong if Ford takes a chance and bets on pushing its market bit further.

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