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A gift card is a pre-paid card storing some value of money. It is usually issued by a retailer or a bank as an alternative to cash purchases. It allows the cardholder to buy goods or services. These little plastic cards are so valuable that often they are presented as gifts. Usually, the laziest person, who does not want to visit a store, presents the gift card. This makes the recipient make an easy purchase of what he wants. These little cards use a magnetic strip on them for making transactions. It’s an extremely delicate part which is needed to be protected. For this purpose, gift card boxes are used. These custom boxes are designed by keeping various aspects in mind. Below are some of the things you should know about gift card boxes:

Easy to Assemble:

Custom printed boxes used for gift cards are quick and easy to assemble. They are designed according to the size of card you want to fit in. The inserts used for fitting the card are appropriately sized. This keeps the card intact and provides space for larger cards as well. The custom boxes are made up of cardboard material. They are shipped flat and have easy to assemble mechanism. Gift card boxes normally come up with an attached lid. It facilitates the customers to easily place in the cards and take them out when needed. Some of them also come up with a separate lid. All the features depend upon the customer’s requirement.

Treat Them Gently:

As mentioned earlier, gifts card use a magnetic strip, therefore, they should be kept carefully in custom
packaging boxes. If they are not handled with care, it may result in damage to the card. This may cause a problem while making a transaction. So store them gently in the custom boxes instead of keeping them in your pocket or wallet.

DIY Gift Card Box:

The most interesting thing you should know about gift card boxes is that they are very easy to make at home. By using some basic supplies with little creativity you can make DIY gift card boxes. Presenting them in delicate custom boxes adds a personal touch. It shows your love and concern towards someone. All you need is a cardstock, scissors, tape, adhesive, twine, a decorative paper, and a template.

Step 1 Print and Cut:

First of all print the template on a cardstock. It should include all the box pieces like the box, its insert, and the tag. A thick and durable cardstock is recommended for making the gift card box. Cut the outer edges of the template using sharp scissors.

Step 2 Assemble:

Assemble the box by folding the dotted lines to obtain sharp edges. Press the side tabs to make the shape of the box. Place the insert inside the box in the downward position.

Step 3 Decorate:

If you have printed a colorful template then there is no need to decorate the box. But if it’s a simple one, you can decorate the box in the way you want. Cover it with a decorative paper, twine, beads or other embellishments. You can also decorate it according to the theme of the event.

Custom Gift Card Boxes for Special Occasions:

If you do not want to make gift card box on your own, there are unlimited options to purchase it from the market. Various wholesale manufacturers are available which provides you with custom printed boxes for gift cards at affordable rates. You can design them according to the special occasions like Christmas or birthday etc. They are perfect to present your gift cards to your loved ones. They are not only secure but also provide a great aesthetic view for your cards.

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