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Everyone knows Google is a search engine; most of us daily use it several times. Google provide us search results that match to our search. When we type something in Google, it shows us website links so that we get most relevant results. In order to improve result, Google releases updates after some time. This means Google releases new updates that are for web developers. The web developer need to follow these guidelines if someone don’t follow these guidelines Google penalize them by dropping their ranking from Google results.

Not much known about this update, Google does not tell much detail. Most of the experts tried to analyze what is the impact of this update. Some are thinking about the content quality, some are thinking about the page where as some are about the mobile friendliness. It is not good to say something at the beginning. We need few weeks to figure out what happened by the update. The important thing is most affected website observes 50 % drops in traffic. Most of the affected website belongs to medical field. That’s why it’s called medic update. This does not mean that only medical websites are affected. Many other websites are also affected.

After reviewing more than 400 websites who are claiming that they are affected with the update. We calculated affected websites by category 41.5 % are related to medical field, 16 % are related to e- commerce, 10.8 % is related to business, 7.3 % is related to finance sector, 5.9 % is related to technology websites, 3.8% is related to entertainment, 3.5% is related to travel, 2.4 % is related to directory, 1.4 % of adult websites, 1.4 % of insurance websites & 1.4 % of coupon or deals websites. We can easily conclude that medical field is the most affected one. The second loser is ecommerce and third is business category.

The question is why most of the affected website is of medical field. The simple answer is this update is related to content. As we know medical field is very critical because it deals with humans and lives are precious. It is necessary that medical field has various check to make sure everything is fine. The Google recently updated their ranking algorithm. I am now introducing a term E-A –T means Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust. The content and articles on medical website are very typical. It is good to know who the author of the content is. If you are reading an article based on medical advice then it is your right to know who has written that article. May be the writer is sharing their personal experience and you think he/ she is the doctor. This may cause serious threat to lives of the people. The Google tried to improve the content quality and it is necessary to mention the name of the assignment writers author. The author profile is very important, this help a lot. Those website that are doing this get benefit from this update while others lose much traffic.

Now we can conclude the effect of this update. The websites have to follow these Google guidelines in order to maintain the top spot on Google. Many websites that are maintain these criteria are still on top. The Google want to rank good content that is created by qualified authors. Google will not consider content from disqualified authors. Disqualified author’s means that people who don’t have proper knowledge about the topic. In medical field the doctor can comment on issue, so the writer must hold some degree related to the medical field. Many website don’t disclose author name. Some write anonymous in place of author name. The ambiguous author name is unacceptable from 1st august 2018.

If we look on the other side this is the good update from Google. This is problematic for some website owner but this will improve the quality of the content on the websites. Now it is mandatory for the medical website owners to hire qualified content writer. The quality of the content improve suddenly because if you ask some expert to writer on a particular topic. The content always stands out class because the writer has proper education and experience. Before this update everyone is writing on any topic. Most people share their experience in a way that the reader thinks he / she is a doctor. Medical field is very much difficult, because every patient has different body conditions. In simple words two patients have same disease but the doctor cannot recommend the same medicine because their age is different and their body condition does not match from each other. In this case a person other than a doctor recommends same medicine to both the patient. Many website offer good content for medical field you can visit for getting expert writer.

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