How to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger

Monitoring instant messaging and social media apps is of great importance for parents and employers. While parents are responsible to supervise the online behavior of their children to protect them from bullies and predators, the employers are required to keep the internal and external communication of workers under surveillance. There are various tools that allow spying on WhatsApp messenger and many other social messengers by tracking the cell phones of the object. There are many reliable names in the spy app market which also include TheOneSpy Android and iPhone monitoring app. The application allows spying on popular and widely used instant messengers and social media apps including WhatsApp. Read on to know how this software lets you spy on WhatsApp messenger.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App

The cell phone spy app has been assisting parents and employers in keeping tabs on the cell phone activities of the targeted group. It allows tracking messages, contacts, calls, photos, videos, voice recordings, emails, instant messages, internet history and keylogger on the targeted cell phone. Parents can use the service to track the location of their children, whereas, the workers can monitor the trips of the remote and travelling workers. However, the most significant aspect of the cell phone surveillance app is social media and instant messaging app monitoring. It allows spying on the big-wigs of the social networking platforms. Read on to know which socializing apps can be tracked using TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app.

Social Media and Instant Messenger Monitoring

Social media has grabbed a significant spot in our life. The businesses market their product through social networking platforms, while kids see the world from their social media newsfeed. The employers and parents can track the social media activities of their workers and children by tracking their Android and iPhone devices.

The surveillance app allows spying on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Line, Viber, IMO, Tinder, Kik, Tumblr, Telegram and many other commonly used instant and social messengers. Once you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your target, you can remotely monitor the data relevant to above mentioned social apps.

For instance, you can read the WhatsApp messages of your children without accessing their mobile phones. The mobile spy app accesses the messages received and sent instant messenger on targeted phone and creates an online backup of those messages. You can log into the online account of the spyware app to read those messages and see contact information of message senders and receivers.

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger on Android

If your children are using Android mobile phones, you can get their mobile phones installed with the Android spy app to track their WhatsApp activities. The Premium package of Android surveillance app of TheOneSpy offers high-tech feature of social media monitoring and allows spying on almost all popular instant and social media apps. To get the WhatsApp spy app for Android, you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy to subscribe the required spy app. Download and install the spy app on the targeted phone and start tracking WhatsApp text messages, voice messages, media files, contact lists and more.

Monitor WhatsApp Messenger on iPhone

You can sneak into the iPhone of your children and employees by using the WhatsApp monitoring app. All the WhatsApp messages exchanged via monitored iPhone can be accessed via online control panel of the surveillance software. TheOneSpy offers two type of monitoring software for iPhones i.e., jailbreak and non-jailbreak monitoring solution. As depicted by name, the jailbreak solution can be installed on a jailbroken iPhone. On the other, the non-jailbreak spy solution of TheOneSpy does the magic for you. The software allows spying on the targeted iPhone without jailbreaking it and getting it installed with the monitoring solution.

Parents can track WhatsApp chats of their kids without getting the expensive smartphones jailbroken. The spy app only demands you to enter iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone into the online control panel of spy app. It accesses the targeted phone data backed up to iCloud and creates an online copy of that data to be accessed by the end-user of spy app. However, if your target has not created the backup for its WhatsApp messages and other phone data, you need to access the target phone to create backup first.

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