Hypnosis and The Deception

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Hypnosis has been a mystery to many people. It’s the wonders a professional hypnotist can leave his/her audience with during a stage hypnosis show… and the amazing results can be achieved through a qualified hypnotherapist after a hypnotherapy session whether to quit smoking, lose weight, get rid of unwanted habits, inner conflicts or simply for personal development reasons such as self-esteem and self-confidence.

Although, hypnosis practitioner training is a proven method for many psychological and physical well-being purposes especially when performed by a qualified hypnotherapist, but somewhere along the line (the hypnosis name) sometimes becomes misused by some people to deceive others for personal gains.

Hypnosis and The Deception

Such deception and miss-use has sadly led some people to associate hypnosis with the crystal healing new age kind of stuff or with the palm reading, spirit talking and 3rd eye chakra opening emapth industry.

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The reason for such false association is because such people who are using the hypnosis name or some hypnosis practitioner training techniques to deceive people – or themselves sometimes – obviously for personal gain whether to make some money or simply for fame and attention.

Such people who use the name “hypnosis” in such deception are working hard to deceive more people – but sadly, they are giving the wrong idea about hypnosis and its tremendous positive effects and usefulness for people.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that there are some other alternative healings beside conventional medicine – but deception and preying on people’s emotions for personal gain is absolutely not acceptable.

Here’s the truth about hypnosis; hypnosis is a natural mental relaxing state which can be used for many purposes including weight loss, quit smoking as well as personal development and even can help to get rid of some psychological traumas. The use of hypnosis is literarily vast but must be performed by a certified and qualified hypnotist or hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis isn’t a technique to contact spirits and talk to the dead or open your third eye… hypnosis is just a way to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind (it’s like a door between the conscious to the subconscious) which allows a qualified hypnotist or hypnotherapist to access some filter/s (programs) in the mind to either add, edit, delete, activate or deactivate those programs.

We’re all have such filters (programs) formed through various experiences we have passed through in our lives. It’s true that some qualified hypnotherapists claim that once you go below symbolism (a hypnotic level which most hypnotherapist use for therapy purposes) will allow you to feel the powerful potentials of your subconscious mind – where time and space doesn’t apply in such a state… but that isn’t proven scientifically.

And according to The MindTech Institute hypnosis practitioner training certification and qualification programs whether in-class or online Hypnosis Practitioner training and Hypnosis Master Practitioner course training that even past lives regression is not meant to be taken in the literal sense but rather metaphorically. And regardless if past lives do exist or not, the purpose of them teaching such techniques is because it helps to get rid of lots of unwanted issues and in not meant to be used as a way to cross to other realms, communicate with the spirits and such (yet) unproven claims.

In summary, while a person is in hypnosis the person is still in his/her conscious and subconscious mind (not cosmically) and the person is still bound to the rules of the natural physical world. Hypnosis is not meant to get you to access the spiritual realm nor any metaphysical worlds.

However, hypnosis can bend the rules of your mind which you have created intentionally or unintentionally and can be a great help for many people and their issues.

If you’re interested in learning and getting certified as a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist, you can simply join a globally recognized in-class or online Hypnosis Practitioner and Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training where you can learn real hypnosis that is based on psychology and social and behavioral science.

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