Top 5 Methods to Increase Alexa Ranking in 2019

Alexa ranking

What are ALEXA and ALEXA Ranking?

Alexa is a popular intelligence tool that shows the extent of traffic of the website. If site stands among the top rankings, this tool works perfectly in determining. Alexa ranking acts by calculating the geometric average of audience reach and page views over a period of time. In the ranking of web site traffic, Alexa works as a dominant tool.

People want to see their website on the top of Google. You also want to get the top rank of your website. But it may possible that you don’t have the complete knowledge about the Alexa ranking Right? Well, know how to increase your Alexa rank and how you will get the top rank. Let’s know how to increase the Alexa ranking of your website.

Top 5 Methods to Increase Alexa Ranking in 2019

  1. Install Alexa Toolbar

It is highly prescribed to install Alexa toolbar if you want to get your website ranked lower. It’s a very easy way to increase your website’s Alexa Ranking. I also suggest installing Alexa toolbar to your friends on their browser. Install Alexa toolbar to your browser and visit your site daily.

  1. Write an attractive and unique content

To write an attractive and quality content is the foremost thing to increase Alexa rank. Google loves unique content so it will help you to improve website traffic. Quality content always strikes top ranking in SERP.

  1. Regularly Update Your Post

Visitors and the audience always examine any website for new information so it’s important to post the blog or content on a daily basis. If you post daily and update the content regularly then the opportunities of high traffic will increase.

  1. Add Alexa Rank Widget

Most of the visitors come on your websites through the phone and Alexa toolbar is not installed on their browser. Alexa Rank Widget solves this problem. So add Alexa Rank Widget on your website. It will help you to increase Alexa Ranking fastly.

  1. Use Social Media Platform

Nowadays social media is the greatest and foremost marketing platform to reach a new audience. People are consuming their most of the time on social media. So make your perfect profile on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In and create a page of your website. Share your website’s link on social media.

These all are the best methods to get the high ranking of your website. Follow these all methods, you will surely help you to get the top rank and increase your Alexa ranking.

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