Is Torrenting Illegal in Europe

Torrent is the buzzword for all those who love watching movies, TV shows, games, softwares or just about anything. According to a technical definition torrent is a computer file which holds metadata that carries or holds massive information. But usually torrents are known for free content available through peer 2 peer sharing (P2P) which is also made available using torrent vpn in the countries where torrents are considered illegal.

Merely torrents are not illegal to use since it simply is a sharing mechanism. Since torrent files are made readily available without the consent of the owner, there tends to rise copyright issues. And there have been news that a lot of production houses assign jobs for people to look into torrenting downloads and report all the IPs to ISPS for notices, penalty and even jail in some cases. Due to such strict measures from institutions, many popular torrent websites like Kickass torrents, Torrentz 2, Torlock have either been banned or shutdown completely.

There are countries where downloading torrents are overlooked. It includes countries like Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, Iran, Pakistan, Romania. However there are countries where downloading copyright content is is fined such as Japan, UAE and others.

But there also are countries where torrenting is totally banned or considered illegal. This is led by European states, where countries like Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Finland have either shutdown all the torrenting websites or have placed heavy fines for accessing copyright content. Coming across a research torrents are quite popular in Europe. Latvia, Bulgaria and Estonia make up to the top 3 countries with more than 50 torrent site visits per Internet user throughout 2016. This research was done by a company named MUSO and covered almost 4500 highest torrent traffic sites across the globe.

European copyright policy is quite extensive, detailed and provides safeguard to original content producers. There have also been a lot of criticism for using content from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others for free. As EU wants the content producer to either get paid or get some compensation in return. The internet rules in Europe are too strict that there are quite a few free WiFi in public places. Using public trackers to download torrents is not a good idea because P2P is blocked on such connections as it can cause performance issues due to a lot of users downloading torrent over public trackers.

But nonetheless users who are dependent on torrents for their content have found couple of ways to bypass such restrictions and using torrent vpn is one of them. By using a VPN the seeders try to hide their IP from ISPs who throttle, watch or even penalize their activities.

Using VPN for torrents allows privacy, safety and also unblocks geo-blocked contents such as using vpn for Netflix gives access to Netflix US. It is the liability of a VPN to ensure they don’t keep logs, supports torrenting and have good downloading speeds. Some of the VPNs that supports torrenting in Europe are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark and others.

Ensure your privacy while downloading P2P files, as said it’s better be safe than sorry.

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