9 Best ideas to get your kids away from TV & Mobile

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Now a days, kids are becoming addicted to the electronic device due to which they are unable to perform well in the physical activities. Thus, it is the duties of the teachers and parents to keep them away from the electronic devices like mobile, laptop, television and more. These things are good and beneficial for them, but the excess use of these devices becomes a curse for them. How to keep the kids away from TV & mobile? There are many ways to keep them away, but here the 9 best ideas to get your kids away from TV and mobile, they are:

  • Limit TV time – You can limit the TV time for the kids. Parents can make the schedule or daily routine for their kids, and ask the kids to follow the routine strictly and it’s a parent’s duty, to keep an eye on them to check whether they are following the routine or not. You have to limit the TV time as well as the mobile time for your kid, and allow them to watch TV or use a mobile phone or other electronic devices at that time only.
  • Give them option to choose – You can give your kids different options to choose. For instance, you can give them several options, such as visiting their favorite place, playing outdoor games with friends, ask them to help in your work, tell them to spend some time with grandparents, and more. There are many things that you can ask your kids to do instead of watching television or using a mobile phone. If your kid is elder, then ask them to join some library, some classes, etc. All these things will keep away from the TV and mobile. You can also choose the activity box for kids, which are easily available online.
  • Getting them out of home – Most of the parents are very possessive for their kids, so they won’t allow them to go out of the home, which is completely wrong. At the young age, the kids will learn the things that parents tell them. So, if you want to keep your kids away from the TV, then you should have to send them out of the home for the outdoor activities. Allow them to play with other kids, so they become physically strong.
  • Set up an example – You can set up an example for your kid. Most importantly, if you want to keep away your kid from TV, then you also have to follow the routine and limit your TV timing too because kids will learn what they see. Especially, they learn from their parents, so whatever you do, they follow the same. So try to set up an example for them.
  • Get them creative activity to do – The kids love to do creative things, so allow them to do some creative activity. If you want to enhance the interest in creative activities, then you can look for the monthly subscription boxes for kids through which they will learn the creative activities. You can spend your time with them to generate their interest in the creative activities. Encourage them and appreciate them for their activities and work.
  •  Fulfill their hobby – Every kid has some hobby, so try to fulfill their hobby. If your kids like some outdoor games then help them to fulfill their hobby by arranging the class or if your kid has an interest in some other activities, then help them to learn that activity. Try to keep busy your kids in their hobby, so they will away from the TV and mobile as well as they will be busy with their work, which they love to do.
  • Give them task to do – If you really want to keep your kids away from the TV and mobile, then you can give different tasks to do. When your kid completes the first task, then you can give him a second task and so on. And give a task in a way, so he or she can manage his or her time to complete the tasks at the correct time. You can give any kind of task to them, which will keep them engaged and busy.
  • Escaping them into the world of books – You can give a gift of books to your kids, there are many types of books available which have color prints and come with attractive pictures that keep your kids engaged and they never feel bored while reading the book. It is a very good option to keep the kids away from the TV and mobile.
  • Choose Alternatives – To keep the kids away from the TV and other electronic devices, you have to choose alternatives for your kids. There are many alternatives for the kids that help you to keep the kids away from the electronic devices. You can take the help of the internet to know more about the alternatives.

These are the best ideas that keep your kids away from TV and mobile. You can use these ideas to make your kid active and physically strong.

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