Let us take a Look at the Best Boarding Schools in Dehradun

Boarding School

When we think of sending our kids to boarding schools, the first thing that strikes our mind is safety and ambiance of the school where our kids will feel at home. Dehradun has an abundance of natural beauty which gives it an added advantage than other cities of India. It is a win-win situation where we have both, a good school and a beautiful surrounding.

It is known to us that Dehradun has earned its name for holding a few of the largely recognized schools and universities and other educational institutes and research centers. All this is possible because in Dehradun, nature supports the intellect. Dehradun claims to have the largest share of students from around the country.

It might be a tough job to find the best boarding schools in Dehradun as it offers an array of schools with every facility which makes them stand apart from one another. Let’s do a search and see what schools Dehradun has to offer to its students:

Doon School

Undoubtedly, Doon School is the most famous school in the Doon Valley which has maintained its name in the first rank when it comes to the top boarding schools in Dehradun. The school was started by the famous lawyer from Kolkata, Satish Ranjan Das with the intention to maintain equilibrium between the British public school system and the cultural value that is deeply built in the Indian schooling system. As a result, today Doon School has developed to deliver students with high intellect and critical thinking abilities. The School has witnessed many successful pupils from their school who have marked their presence in every field of excellence. The Boy’s boarding school is highly empowered by natural beauty, flora and fauna, high-end classrooms and every possible facility to grow a child’s both physically and mentally.

St. Jude’s School

Established in the year 1993, it is a well-known co-education school which diminishes the discrimination between the sexes. Here pupils are taught of gender equality with a special focus on academics and other co-curricular activities like games, music and arts, quiz, debates, theaters are a few to name.

Colonel Brown Cambridge School

Founded by Col. Brown and Mrs. Brown in the year 1926, the motto of the school is still the same. MAGNA EST VERITAS’ or ‘Truth Is Great’. This is an all-boys boarding school which has always stressed on British culture since inception. With time, the school has undergone many changes to upgrade itself with time. Of course, the main focus of the school authorities is to develop students in academics as well as in other activities. Therefore, the school has extendedly built open-air Tamarind Theater and a vast playground, to name a few. The school also has an attached hospital to it to ensure good health among children.

The Pestle Weed School

The Pestle Weed School is setting its footprint in the boarding school sector in Dehradun recently. Though it is new in this sector, but the school needs to be talked about because of some really good reasons. Its very campus is its attraction. The beautiful sight of nature along with a well-built school with lavish playgrounds sets it apart. The philosophy of the school is “for good”. The school provides an international English medium structure with a comparatively lower fee which is almost 50% less than the other schools of this segment. They believe in building global competence by inspiring the pursuit of life-long learning through rich, multi-layered experience and individual attention which is aided by the beauty of Mother Nature.

So, without any doubts, the Pestle Weed School is the preferred choice amongst the parents to enroll their kids to school.

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