Storage Silos for Plastics – Making Plastic Storage Easier than Ever

Storage silos are a very important part of any large material which conveys systems. Whenever there is a situation that bulk products have been stacked up, there always exists the chance of wastage. Hence, in order to avoid this wastage, storage silos are used which stores more material and takes less floor area. Storage silos for plastics are the storing options containing a large number of plastics inside them with less floor area.

Storage of plastics is done in a special silo which is made up of air permeable fabric instead of storing them in the solid silos, which are the norm, otherwise, the setup from outside have good effects of the vector of the constant of the temperature as well as the humidity on the material storage. Flex- silos are very flexible, durable and provide maximum use of the space which is available. The focus in on storing plastics quickly, easily and safely with a minimum amount of money.

For the special requirement for every plastic storage product, construction and equipment are adapted precisely such as geometry, cone bevel or concerning the diameter of outer surface etc. Storage Silo for Plastics has some highlights which are used for all the silos for plastics such as:

  • It has large storage capacity with a low space requirement
  • It has high rigidity values and load capacities like seven fold safety for fabric and seams.
  • It also has some characteristics like optimal flow out
  • The weight of these silos is less.
  • For these silos, no complex foundations are required
  • In these silos, there is no condensation so the reliability of the process is increased.
  • It allows relocation at any time.
  • It can be quickly erected
  • It can also be fitted with effective discharge types of equipment

So these are some highlights of silos to store plastic. Now let’s talk about applications of plastics:

  • It prevents silo overfill
  • Eliminate outages
  • Inventory management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Flow detection
  • Bin aeration
  • Dust detection

So these are some applications of plastics. Storage silos can be welded or bolted. Bolted silos are constructed to be leak proof, which is specially used for liquid applications. These both welded and bolted silos are used for the storage silo for plastics. Applications of bolted silos are:

  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Fire protection
  • Cement
  • Fly ash
  • Coal
  • Lime
  • Limestone
  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Select foods and other dry products.

Welded silos are basically of two types; shop weld and field weld. Shop weld constructed silos have factory applied coating systems, shop controlled quality. These are one piece tank constructed silos. Application of shop weld constructed silos is plastic resins, liquid, dry chemicals, minerals, wood waste etc.

Field weld constructed silos have various industrial applications. They minimize large piece count, increase field installation timeframe, field applied coating systems etc. application of field welded constructed silos are industrial liquid, wastewater, water, minerals, aggregates, dry chemicals etc.

Welded silos and bolted silos are manufactured by carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum with the various hopper. Storage silos for plastics can be designed as per your requirements.

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