10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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2019 is just two months away from us, implying it is the right time to look into the mobile app development trends for 2019. It is the best time to predict the new trends and technological upgrades that will revolutionize the 2019 mobile market, and prepare for the competition in the market.

So going with the same thought process, here I’m writing the top 10 mobile application development predictions you should begin working upon:-

  • Progressive Web Apps will Enjoy Limelight

2019 will observe a tremendous rise in the adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Many reputed brands like Facebook, Alibaba and Flipkart have already invested in PWA development, while many more business leaders and developers will embrace the PWA’s potential to give native app feel, operate in a low-bandwidth network and re-engage the target audience without demanding higher memory consumption.

  • Chatbots will Become more Intelligent

Chatbots, as predicted, will enjoy the market of around $8 billion yearly by 2022. They will handle more than 85% of the customer service interactions and perform 75% of work in the Enterprise applications. They will handle most of the monotonous tasks earlier done by the human workforce, and contribute to the efficiency and productivity in the business processes. In a nutshell, they will shape the business growth story, encouraging business leaders to invest in Chatbot development.

  • IoT will more than a Buzzword

Internet of Things (IoT) has been in the market for long, but it’s in 2019 the potential of the technology will go beyond parking areas and smart cities. In the year 2019, the Brick and Mortar businesses will turn towards this technology to sustain in the mobile-first world. The mobile app development companies will create innovative applications that aids to control smart devices. In fact, Google has also entered into a collaboration with Nest to leverage IoT in their ecosystem and Amazon has also stepped into the IoT ecosystem with Alexa-powered devices, indicating the world is going to be far more connected soon.

  • AR/VR will be Integral

Though many believe that the craze of AR/VR will be slow now, the technologies will continue to be disruptive in 2019 as well. They will enter more business processes and encourage mobile app developers to create even more breathtaking app experiences. It has also been predicted by the market researchers that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies will gain $209.2 billion of revenue by 2020, with the advent of better hardware components.

  • Mobile App Security Will Gain Attention

With the recent Uber Data breach, Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and Google admitting their security loopholes, the mobile users have become more conscious about their data privacy. This will make it mandatory for the mobile app developers in San Francisco and across the globe to pay more attention to the elements that put user privacy at risk and implement better security practices.

  • On-demand App Development Will Rise

The demand for ‘Uber for X’ will remain in the limelight, with users looking for more such apps that offer real-time perks in the form of speed, convenience, and availability of services.

  • Predictive Analytics Will Influence App UI/UX

Predictive Analytics, a type of Machine Learning, will take the front seat in the UI/UX design market. It will help to understand the customer behavior and curate the mobile app designs such that they evoke emotions in them and contribute to ROI. In a nutshell, the predictive analytics will improve the customer journey in 2019.

  • Blockchain Will See a Pause for Now

In 2018, Blockchain enjoyed a blockbuster appearance in the market. Everyone has been talking about Blockchain and discovering ways to introduce technology into their existing processes. The reputed tech companies like IBM have been making commitments to offer the best Blockchain based solutions.

However, many people are still unfamiliar with the basics of Blockchain technology. They are portraying the technology more like a market ploy, because of which the developers will shift their focus from using Blockchain to making the potential of Blockchain digestible to all. This means the Blockchain will take around 3-5 more years to gain the momentum.

  • Mobile Payment Will be the New Face of Transaction Economy

In 2019, the mobile payments will be more in trend. More and more users will prefer paying via digital wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay and Blockchain wallet. Retailer and other businesses will also head towards integrating a payment gateway to their mobile apps. This, as a whole, will result in the rise of in-store payments up to $503 billion by 2020.

  • Cloud Integration Will Gear Up Enterprise Apps

Considering the prevailing challenge of limited memory storage, the mobile app developers will turn towards cloud-based application development process. They will build apps that store data in the cloud so that they could provide a seamless experience and abundant features to their users without demanding for an extra space on their devices. And this can be proven with the market predictions that mobile cloud traffic will rise up to 90% by the end of 2019.

Bonus: 5G Technology Will Fuel the Mobile Market

5G technology, which was introduced in 2018 in 400 markets globally, will expand its market in 2019. It is expected to reach more than 200 million users by the mid of 2019, with various exclusive features for both customers and app developers.

As per the predictions, the 5G technology will bring better movement and features in apps related to Smart biker-helmets and AR-based apps. It might also introduce technologies like ambient computing via wireless networks into the app development process.

With the aforementioned trends, the mobile app development market will witness the introduction of the most innovative apps that will make users addicted to their mobile devices even more.

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