Looking for the Money management application, try ET Money.

ET Money is among the best application to save money, Invest Money, track your daily spent and much more.

Check Few Features of using the ET Money app:

Don’t know How Much you Spend on Daily Basis:

  • If you are spending too much and wants to maintain your spending Then ET Money is among the best Applications to Track your Daily Spending.
  • ET Money tracks your daily spending automatically and Categories the amount debited from your account.
  • With the help of ET Money, you can keep a track of your spending and control your daily expenditure.

Invest and Grow Your Money:

  • Keeping you money ideal won’t help you grow your money but Invest and grow your money for your future goals.
  • ET Money helps you identify and choose from the best performing mutual funds to invest.
  • The best performing mutual funds are categorized with the options of both SIP and Lumpsum investment.
  • Remember the mutual funds available here are the regular fund, not direct mutual funds.
  • Search for the mutual fund, check its performance and Invest in the mutual fund which suits you and creates wealth for your future goals.

Track and manage your investments:

  • Mutual funds are based on market risks and changes as per market movement.
  • ET Money Application gives you options to track your investments daily movement and alerts you about the daily change in your total investment.
  • You can also add your External Investment to this application to track the daily market movement.
  • You can anytime add more investment, withdraw, skip the monthly installment and much more.

ET Money Creditline:

  • With the ET Money Creditline, you will never run out of money in your bank account.
  • The application provides its customers the credit amount facility so that whenever you run out of balance, just ask ET Money for some money in your bank account.

Smart Deposit Facility:

  • Keeping money ideally in the bank is of no use but you need to invest it in proper way/ Risk-free to grow your money.
  • ET Money smart deposit option helps you to invest your money in the Reliance Liquid Funds which are safe to keep your ideal money and grow your money.
  • You can even invest a minimum of 100rs to any amount you wants safe for your future goals.
  • The best things about the Smart Deposit is that you can withdraw the partial or full amount at any time and it will be credited within 30 minutes to your bank account.

Insurance Facility:

  • ET Money has also started the paperless insurance facility for its customer.
  • With ET Money you can get your Health Insurance and vehicle insurance just by sitting at home, through the ET Money application.

Few Cons of ET Money application:

  • The mutual funds available here are not Direct mutual fund but Regular mutual funds.
  • Even after the investment is withdrawn it still reflects in the application and we cannot update it manually also.

All you need to do is download the ET Money application from the Google play store, Register and start investing.

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