Introduction of Online Voting Platform for Elections

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Expressing the choice is the main motive of voting process. Voting is essential in various aspects of our life but people usually relate voting to politics. There are different types of elections like housing societies elections, shareholder’s elections, student union elections, and many more. Most of these elections are conducted through online voting platform which makes the process much easier. Similarly, if online platform is used for conducting the elections then that would make the voting process more secure. Citizens will only need internet connection and they can use the app for either conducting elections or for participating in an election process.

Why to use online voting platform?

  • It is intuitive and easy to use: As we know the app is web based so it becomes very intuitive and easy to navigate. Any citizen can easily create new polls in seconds and even choose from list of template polls and conduct elections. These polls are equipped with various security settings which makes it transparent and secure. There are no restrictions to use the template polls, so by using it you can even create your own polls. Some of these template polls are already in form of polls. The only thing that you have to do is edit it and make some changes settings and it will become your own poll.
  • Availability in multi-language: India is huge country with large population speaking multiple languages. So, there is always requirement of such an app which suitable for any and all language simultaneously. Citizen can choose their preferred language for the poll and it will become language of the user by default or they can choose the preferred language from the display.
  • It has integrated bulk emailer: In the usual email composer all the invitation emails for votes are composed and after that it is uploaded in the bulk email manager of the app. The personalized vote invitation with the sign-in links of the polls is sent by the email manager. By doing so it has control over the people who are participating in the voting process.
  • Facility of live counting of the votes: After the voting is completed then all the votes are counted live automatically in the app. This helps in avoiding any malpractices in the counting process and thus the genuine leader wins. The administrators of the poll can view the live counts in the online ballots and at last the final result is received.Thus, usage of app makes the process faster and maintains security.


There are various forms of elections that could be conducted through online voting platform. This platform would not only make political elections easy but the same technology used in the app could be used for conducting secure online elections, online surveys and for conducting interactive opinion markets. Various surveys can be conducted through the app which would further aid in the development process. Therefore, it could be concluded that online platform would indeed make the voting process much simple.

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