7 ways to make your Post Birthday Celebration Event more Special

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There are times when you couldn’t make it to your own birthday due to the work pressure or you are stuck in a flight or you missed your flight. Every arrangement is done for your birthday but the Birthday Girl/Boy cannot grace the occasion with whatsoever reason, don’t dishearten yourself because Post Birthday Celebration is at your rescue. You can seize this day with all your birthday planned fun and make the most out of your Post Birthday Party. As Pre and Post Birthday Celebrations are in trend these days you can relive and enjoy these Birthdays moments you missed out on your actual Birthday.

We have some superb ideas for making your post birthday celebration marvellous. Here we go

Theme Parties

Sometimes we feel to relive our childhood memories and go back to those days when world was on our feet. We can definitely become kids once again and now if the question is how the answer is Theme Parties. We can all get dressed up in our favourite cartoon avatars or our favourite Marvel or DC characters, we can become animals too. Proper set and a wide range of props of a particular theme are going to make your post birthday celebration brighter than your birthday. You have all your friends and family members to grace this occasion. Having a themed cake for this celebration is going to be a cherry on cake.

Vacation with Friends and Family

What’s more exciting than reuniting with your friends and family for your birthday celebration? No money can match its value. So if you have missed on your birthday don’t worry, plan an adventurous visit to mountains where you can go for hiking with your friends and family. You can even visit a historical place to get thrilled with the artistic architecture and facts of that place. Or book a luxurious villa for a post birthday getaway with your most loved ones on this special day.

Movies with Friends

It’s been a very long time since all of your friends took some time out of their busy lives to watch a movie together. Go book a theatre with bunch of your friends and reminisce your college and school memories. You can always plan a slumber party where you can spend time together with your friends for the whole night and watch all of your favourite classic movies which would take you on a roller coaster ride of your teenage lives. You must opt for birthday gift delivery if your friend couldn’t make it on his birthday, this sweet day will surely help recover them for the busy day on their birthday.

Gourmet Dinners

Good Food is solution to every disheartening event. So, delicious food can surely compensate for your normal birthday. You can invite all your friends and family members to your post birthday dinner and spend some quality time with them. You must go for lip smacking recipes for this night. Going an extra mile and ditching your usual order and trying some new exotic dishes to make this post birthday celebration a memorable one. The gourmet dishes goes from Pot Roast to Jambalaya the choice is yours. A cake to get those birthday vibes is an add on.

Aim for the Sky with Your Friends

Your life has lost its charm and has become monotonous once you started working and even your group longs for a reunion. So, your Post Birthday Celebration is the best excuse to reunite and plan an exhilarating adventure sport together. It has always been in our bucket list to touch the sky with our then why not before we get too old for it. You guys can opt for skydiving; Parasailing, paragliding, hot air balloon, Bungee Jumping or any of sky sports to prove even sky is not the limit. This is going to be the time of your life, one hell of a ride.

Shop till you Drop

You have a handsome saving as you couldn’t plan your birthday so what about pampering yourself with new stuff. Go for shopping, it’s the best way to get out of that shady feeling of not having a kick ass birthday. Nothing is more happening than treating yourself with all those things you craved for. Buy all those clothes, purses, jewellery and shoes you couldn’t buy that were haunting you since long. So, shop till your body gets cramped. Also you can order cakes online for your friend who has gone through this same situation of missing out on their birthday to bring that smile on their face and lightning their day.

Family Picnic

After all it’s a busy life, no one can really spare a lot of time for celebrations. Hence you can plan a weekend picnic going to a nearby hotel or a mountain spend time in nature and relax. Catch up on each other and share indelible moments of your life as you hardly get these good times seldom and don’t forget to blow those candles of your post birthday cake.

With these exciting ideas you will have a wonderful and most memorable post birthday celebration and you will definitely not regret that you couldn’t celebrate your birthday. So, never let go your birthday just like that as pre and post birthday celebrations are so in trend.


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