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More and more people prefer online shopping now due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. The easy access to online shops from any device is an added benefit. The ratio of online shoppers is growing, and there are numerous selling opportunities out there for the online store owners. But how do you convince people to buy from you? Apart from trust-building tactics for your store, online reviews can give a massive boost to your online sales.

Here’s why product reviews are good news for your online store:

1. Increases Online Visibility

Reviews come under user-generated content. When people take time out to write reviews of your products, they contribute to your online presence. If people talk about it, it sure is good news for your business. Reviews’ length or quality does not matter, as long as people put the word about you online, you will be doing great. Reviews also play a pivotal role in raising your overall ranking on the search engines. Especially for Google, reviews are a deciding factor and vouch for your higher search engine ranks. And we all, higher the ranking on Google, greater is the traffic generated.

2. Builds Brand’s Credibility

Online shopping also leaves the users susceptible to multiple crimes theft to private data, online frauds and violations. A new user may not feel secure buying anything from an unknown store. Online reviews help build credibility for your store. It shows that your store is real and it is safe to invest their hard-earned money in the products of your store. 67% of users go through at least 5 reviews before they decide to make a purchase from a new business.

3. Lowers product return rates

No matter what you say about your products, people are going to have more faith in what others say about your products. Did you know that 75% of reviews which are posted online are positive ones? So when people read what others have written about their products, it is easy for them to make an informed choice about buying your products. This reduces the return rate of your products, as people know exactly what they will be getting.

4. Adds to Social Proof

Reviews add to your social proof. If people see that a lot of people are buying your products, it will arouse a healthy curiosity about your products. People like to feel validated. They enjoy the feeling of doing things their peers are doing. Up to 79% of users trust online reviews as much as their own family’s suggestions. Social proof makes your brand and products more reliable and dependable in the eyes of the people.

People are more likely to write positive reviews, but a few negatives are unavoidable. How you deal with your negative responses says a lot about your brand. Reviews, nonetheless, are essential for the growth of your online business.

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