Is Your Professional Website Missing Out On These Important Elements?

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Having a professional website is crucial especially since we are the millennials and it’s the age of the internet. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have- Photography, Content providing or web designing; all these businesses needs a website that not only showcases your best work but also shares relevant content to bring in more clients.

Also, the website furthers your brand and its identity and helps promote your business all over the world. But designing your website is not an easy job, it needs time and patience and a person who is creative enough make something that is eye-catching, impactful and does the intended work.

So, to make a professional website make sure that you are not missing these important elements:

1. A logo of your business

Every business needs a logo as it is the main part of your brand identity through which people recognizes you. So, invest good time and a little money to hire someone professional to make your logo. If you want to do it yourself, make sure that it justifies your business while also delivering a message about its goals. You can use Canva logo maker tool for this. Always make the logo simple, but alluring as people should remember it and not look at it again.

Placing the logo on the home page at the top right corner or using it on the static banner will give it good visibility.

2. Engage the consumers with interactive content

The website will only have visitors’ if you provide them with some content that is relevant to them and also well written. Even if the website is for photography, you can’t just photos, you need some blogs that talk about photography or some shoot. The SEO will work on this content only to make the sites popular. So, make sure you have these features:

  • Blog: It lets you communicate your ideas with your clients and connect with them. Also, it improves the SEO.
  • Newsletter: most website making tool has this feature for being in contact with your customers.
  • Social feeds: You must have an online presence on various social platforms. So, make sure that there are icons that connect the site with them and vice-versa. Also, let consumers share your posts on their accounts for better visibility.

3. Mobile Savvy

Most of the people open a website on their mobiles as they carry it everywhere. So it is imperative that your website is mobile savvy meaning that it opens easily on cell phones and doesn’t take much time to load. The main menu system should be on the side for cells as it works better that way.

This is an important element without which your website won’t be called professional.

4. Have uniformity and stick to your color palette

The website color scheme and logo design and layout should be uniform all through your offline and online asset that makes the brand identity. Also, the color palette that you have decided for the overall visual identity must be incorporated in the website too. So, make sure that whatever color you choose resonates with your business and for a website pick up to three colors only.

5. Don’t use too many sliders

As my suggestion, sliders are outdated and distract the customers while also slowing down the speed of the site.

6. Simple and minimal design

The website must stand out but should not have an over complex design. Don’t put too many things on the pages as it confuses the clients and diverts their attention from important things. Also, having blank space or white background is not a bad thing. If you too much information, break it into points. Use images that complement the background and not merge in it, stock images can be used.

Moreover, keep updating and modifying your website for better interaction and rank.

Congrats! If you follow these tips you will definitely have a professional website which will help with conversions and getting more clients.

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