Professional window cleaning: you have to expect these prices

Window cleaning is clearly not the favorite hobby – but it must be done from time to time. Those who do not have the time or the opportunity to clean their windows themselves can also transfer this task to a company. Which prices you usually have to expect explains in detail the cost check expert in the interview.

Question: What makes cleaning windows so often problematic?

Well – getting windows really clean and, above all, streak-free, already requires a lot of effort and effort.

If you want to thoroughly clean the windows and frames on the inside and outside, you have to bring a lot of time. In addition it often happens that the cleaning of the windows on the upper floor on the outside is often difficult and not at all harmless. Many often do not dare to do so (rightly so).

In addition, cleaning windows is a very tiring job for which you also have to be reasonably physically fit. This is not always the case.

Professional window cleaners as well as small building cleaning companies have therefore been taking over window cleaner services for private households for a long time – usually at a manageable cost.

Question: That’s exactly the next question: what costs do you usually have to expect for a professional window cleaning?

That’s not all that easy to answer. The price differences are often considerable.

In general, you can assume that costs for window cleaning in the range of about 2 EUR per m² to 4 EUR per m² window area. In some cases, the costs are only in the range of around 1 EUR per m², but that is rather the exception.

Make sure that you always have to count twice the window areas for many offers, as the cleaning should of course be done on the outside and inside.

Other companies, in turn, calculate a lower price per square meter, but add frames after running meters if the window frames are also to be cleaned.

Often many companies calculate the cleaning of the window rabbet extra – this service is very often not included in the price.

In other cases, after an on-site visit often a flat rate is offered, often for a (slightly more expensive) cleaning of the windows and a monthly cleaning.

A small cost example from practice:

We want to have the windows cleaned in a small family home. There are 8 double windows and a patio door in the house. We negotiate a flat rate with a small business.

Window Cleaning Cost Price

Cleaning windows 40 EUR

Cleaning patio door 8 EUR

Total cost of cleaning 48 EUR

Of course, this is just a single offer for a specific item from a particular business. The prices may vary depending on the local conditions and the pricing of each operating company.

Question: What does the cost of window cleaning in general matter?

Of course, the most important factor is the pricing of the executing company. Depending on the operation, there can often be significant differences here.

For the calculation, the following factors generally play a role:

the square footage of the windows (Attention, this must be calculated twice!)

Number of slices and their accessibility

Degree of contamination of the windows

Scope of cleaning performance (window frames, window sills, window folds, etc.)

Work performance: required working time, number of employees

material consumption

travel expenses

From all these factors, companies generally calculate an offer price for a specific property and a certain amount of cleaning work.

A comparison of the offers and prices is definitely recommended here to find the cheapest possible offer.

Of course, the quality of the work should be right – but you can always judge that afterwards. Often, low prices do not necessarily mean worse quality – often people just work quickly and efficiently.

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