Why Self Storage Is Perfect For Students

Do you have a son or daughter who is in living away at University or College? Or maybe you yourself are studying away for a while? If you are then you may wonder how students on short-term rental contracts manage to keep hold of their personal items all year round. While many students still call on the transport of mum or dad, more are starting to turn to the modern convenience of secure storage sites.

Self storage units come with a wealth of benefits for students and can prove to be a financially viable way of keeping everything safe. Long holidays or study periods abroad can make renting somewhere on a permanent contract a drain on your funds. So if you know that you’re going away for the summer then why not put your things into a self storage site like storage units Portland for those couple of months instead. This not only save you from lugging everything back to your parents but it also lets you retain that little bit of privacy over any of your new things.

Keeping your personal items or University work in an empty student flat or house over the summer can also be a risky business. Many student residences are targeted by thieves during these periods, so if you want to make sure that your things remain safe you should move them into a secure site instead. Self storage sites like should have excellent security records and should keep your items in a perfect condition ready for when you return.

As well as the above, self storage can also benefit students in the following ways;

Flexible – Self storage packages are generally easy and flexible to hire and don’t require a great deal of paperwork to finalize. This makes them ideal for students who are in a rush and great for anyone that doesn’t know how long they’re going to be away. So if you’re taking some time out to travel or if you’re visiting friends indefinitely then why not put your things into a self storage unit and let the contract length roll and roll until you’re ready to take them out.

Cheap – Many storage companies offer a range of discounted student storage packages which are relatively cheap to hire. Teaming up with the rest of your housemates or friends can also to help to spread the costs and is generally easy to organize with most storage firms. If you want to retain your own personal storage unit then make sure you get the smallest space you can for your things – that way you shouldn’t end up paying anything more than you absolutely have to.

Well-Maintained – Unlike many student properties, storage sites should be well-maintained and serviced at all times. This ensures that your personal items and books remain in their original condition and are never at risk of water damage or other potential hazards. On the contrary, if you leave your things in your student house you may return to find that there has been some household maintenance issues while you were away.

So if you’re a student looking for storage or if you know someone who is, why don’t you check out some of the low-cost storage offers you can find. Self storage packages are a great way of guaranteeing the safety of your things and can give you the flexibility to come and go as you please. If you’re struggling with the cost then the bank of mum and dad may be an option, if not try and find another poor student soul to split the cost in half.

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