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When you are studying away from home, the place you are staying becomes a new home to you. The culture and lifestyle of the place you are currently residing in, is an important factor for you to grow your personality overall. “Great White North” is one such place. If you have decided to Study in Canada, or going for a student exchange, you must be wondering how the life and culture would be, when it comes to Study in Canada for international students.

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Canada is the world’s second largest country. With most of the north covered in ice, the central and southern parts of the Canada are highly populated. The country believes in opening arms to the diversity, and over the course of the years, this policy has worked wonders for a place like Canada.

International students make a large chunk of immigrants. There are 7 top universities in Canada from world’s top 50. The Canadian Education system has proven to be excellent t the lowest of academic courses, and providing employability and work opportunities at the same time.

Let’s take a look into the top places to be at, if you are planning to have your next academic experience in Canada:

1. Montreal

The first city that comes to the mind is Montreal, the top ranked city in Canada. It has become a synonym for multicultural environment over the years. It is attracting more and more international students day by day because of its Quality Education within universities in Montreal, large international student population, and a happening lifestyle. It also provides more work opportunities for the students.

2. Toronto

If you have heard about Canada, then you have heard about Toronto. They go together no matter what. Eleventh best city worldwide, Toronto is one of the cleanliest cities you will ever see. Toronto offers a high quality life style, economic development, and a great opportunity to meet people from different ethnicities as it hosts many international festivals all around the year. Be it sports or music, the off-campus life in Toronto is never dull.

3. Vancouver

If you are coming from a non-English speaking country, then Vancouver is the place to be. Vancouver houses more than 15000 international students from all around the world. 80 countries to be precise. It is technologically rich, an industry favouring hub for Software and Gaming enthusiasts along with game development and biotechnologies.

Vancouver, just like Toronto, offers a great off-campus social life. With skiing and other snow sports, snow resorts and nightclubs in numbers, you can enjoy your leisure, being in luxury.

4. Ottawa

Things are getting serious now. We are in the Capital of the country. Economically stable, and financially significant, Ottawa is a developed city if Canada. To Study in Canada for international students, it can be a great place to study and work in Canada. Health care, Public Service and Public Administration are the most booming sectors. Ottawa houses two of the best universities in Canada, namely University of Ottawa (Largest English-French bilingual University in the world) and Carleton University (ranked 501-600 in Times Higher Education Rankings.

5. Quebec

Canada’s second most populated province, Quebec is the hub of French Canadian Culture. It hosts many Festivals related to its history with France all around the year. The Snow is another thing to look forward to as winter bring a completely new Quebec when the Christmas is around. However, not only that, Quebec observes not only a beautiful winter, but also three other seasons. Fall, Summer and spring. A winter trip to ice-hotel, or a spring in maple woods, or just a breakfast with the best maple syrup. Quebec offers you details and experiences you cannot miss.

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