How Sweepstakes can be Helpful in your Personal Finance?

We all know sweepstakes are not the actual source of income and you can never rely on such source where results are not guaranteed. But after reading the whole article you would definitely include the sweepstakes in order to manage your personal finance. But before you take your first step you should be aware that what are the right sweepstakes you should participate? Else you will end up wasting your time and it can have an adverse effect also.

Almost all brands offer surveys & sweepstakes but we need to choose the best ones where we should enter. Never chase sweepstakes which have big rewards as their winning percentage would be quite lower to those who have lower rewards. Apart from this, you should also try to focus on sweepstakes where you are getting guaranteed returns.

Types of sweepstakes and surveys      

  1. Sweepstakes that gives you guaranteed returns

These are sweepstakes which give you some rewards after completing the surveys. it could be a discount coupon, a free meal, and a cash prize. Usually, the rewards associated with these sweepstakes are lower in value because the company has to give this to every participant. Dqfanfeedback and mynikevisit-na are the best examples of these kinds of sweepstakes.

  1. Sweepstakes which is based on the winning and has only one winner

These types of sweepstakes may have high rewards but have a very low percentage of winning. The biggest problem with these surveys is that the probability is so low you don’t know how many years it would take for you to win. Our recommendation is to participate but make sure don’t indulge too much in this.

  1. Sweepstakes based on winning and has multiple winners with grand prize

After the guaranteed returns this is my second favorite kind of sweepstakes that I love to enter.  Because here winners are more than one so the chances of winning are higher than other surveys. Although winning the grand prize is again the same stories but our focus should be here for lower rewards. Walmart survey is the best example for this.

How I made $1350 with food surveys & sweepstakes?

I won 4 sweepstakes in the last 5 years and won almost $1350 and all came with food surveys. And the most amazing thing is that my intention was never to win them I just participated to share my honest feedback. Now I have been following more than 10 food sweepstakes that I regularly participate. Most of the time I check them when I visit to eat. My wife loves eating fast food and at weekend there should be something delicious on our plate. Does not matter it is Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Indian or American. So after completing our meal, we make sure to check with the staff if there is any survey going on. If they say yes then we visit their website and enter the sweepstakes without any failure. Here are some of our favorite food sweepstakes

  1. Tellthebell
  2. Talktowendys
  3. Tellsubway
  4. Mykfcexperience
  5. Mcdvoice
  6. Dqfanfeedback

Not only food but now pharmacy and retail household products brands are also getting popular. I also have a couple of pharmacy brands such as CVS, Walgreens, and publixsurvey.

Some of the key points which need to be considered while choosing your sweepstakes

  1.  Try not to go for the sweepstakes which have high rewards
  2. Sweepstakes which has guaranteed returns are the best to follow.
  3. Surveys which are offering lower reward but have multiple winners are also the best sweepstakes to follow.
  4. Always go for those sweepstakes which are related to your existing brand products.
  5. Participate as many as you can because winning percentage is lower.

Bottom Line

We encourage people to participate in the surveys not to make money but to share the feedback but it also provides the opportunity to earn for sharing your opinion. And all it takes is your 5 minutes to share your feedback for the product or servicing which you are using. It is certainly not the source of income but imagine if you win a single sweepstake in a year how much it can add in your monthly budget. If you think that these sweepstakes can help you in your personal finance then add this in your list and implement with the full-fledged planning.

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