The message of compassion- a passage to redemption

The message of compassion- a passage to redemption

2.2 million American citizen are behind the bars as of 2018. This number will only increase in 2019 as it has, since the past few decades. With rising prison population, more and more souls, amongst which might be your loved ones, are thrown into the darkness incarceration, surrounded by infrastructure design to keep them away from hope. Regimented time-tables and supervised movements, ends any illusion of freedom they might have.

And while they receive the punishment of their crimes, it sometimes becomes challenging for them to see the path of redemption. To internalize the punishment, the guilt and move on. And to do so, they need your support, they needs your words to drive them beyond the suffering and provide them with a meaning. You see, they are not only fighting their own guilt, but also the hate and betrayal they think they have inflicted on their loved ones, on you.

Why communication is essential!

A solid network of people who care about the inmate, such as close family or even friends can help make a huge difference. Inspiring change with time-to-time updates, news, letters or pictures that remind them of a more peaceful and prosperous life, that comes with a law-abiding way of life.

We understand that often writing regularly can be challenging. With piecing your own life together and moving on, sometimes little time remains to print a picture or write a letter. And sometimes the task is just daunting and to emotionally and mentally tasking, exhausting. But on the flip side of it, it unfortunately takes its toll on your incarcerated loved ones. A healthy line of communication with the outside world, with people they love and respect forms the core from which their will to do better stems from. Your letters and support gives them hope and aspiration to be liberated and do better in their life, for you and for them. Sometimes not extending your support can be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy life after prison.

Stay connected with the Inmate Compassion App

One app that helps the families of the incarcerated to stay in touch with their loved ones is Inmate Compassion. Available for both Android and iOS users, this app is an affordable, easy, and efficient way to send postcards, letters, and personal pictures to an inmate, throughout the year. You can choose to write short notes on postcards and picture cards or send a heartfelt long picture letter. Upload images directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and send pictures to inmates. You can also send books and magazines from the app’s store to keep inmates motivated.

If staying connected to your loved inmate in prison is so easy, why would you want to miss out on any opportunity? Motivate them and show them that you care with this unique app by your side. Download or share with someone who misses their incarcerated loved one.

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