Things that you need to enjoy on the Tour of Great Ocean Road,Melbourne

Majority of the tourist assumes that the travel of the Australia highlights lies only in it outback. The cosmopolitan metropolises, the Great Barrier Reef or you can say that the miles of white sandy beaches are some of the enjoying places for the people of all age group. However, the great ocean road tour Melbourne is far much better than all above.

The most fascinating part of the road tour is that you will enjoy the ride all through the nature that us the wild sea which stretches from Geelong to Portland. The best part is that every turn of this dramatic drive introduces you to some sort of new things. For an instance, the surf beaches, the historic ports, lush rainforest, whale lookouts and even the national parks too. Moreover, if you want then you can also relax alongside the wave that exists on the golden coastlines of Lorne. What more you can do is walk around the Aboriginal site that exists near the Tower Hill.

There are some of the amazing highlights of the Great Ocean Road that is the introduction to the region’s unique food, wine, culture, festivals and lot more. If you are planning for a holiday to Australia or you are in a business trip or you are just thinking about having a tour to the same country then the only city that you must visit is none other Melbourne. It has been found that the Melbourne city day tours have become quite famous among the local tourist those are visiting these cities. The day tours are designed in such a way that you can utilize most of your time when you are on your trip to the city of Melbourne.

The best thing that can be found in the city is that it is one of the best options for travelling. There are various things that you can do over here, like the Puffing Billy, you can even enjoy the penguin parade, the wildlife tours, you can even go for the vineyards visit and etc.  The most significant way to explore the nature, beaches, history and simultaneously if you also want to experience the modern Melbourne then you must opt for the service of the tour operator. The good thing about the tour operator is that they will take you to the specific location without any trouble. There are many tour operators who also provide you with the feature of free pick and drop service at your hotel. Hence, in that scenario, you only need to consider planning that particular day. That is researching about the place that you are about to visit and all. It can be said that all that you need to do is enjoy the sightseeing along with the guide that will give you the detailed information of the particular site.

Travel Option those are Available in Melbourne

  • Great Ocean Road along with the twelve Apostles – The combination of this two gives you the opportunity to experience the joy of passing the great ocean road. Apart from all this what more you can do over here is that walk all along with the glorious rain waters at the same time you can also see the remains of the London Bridge. While on the twelve Apostles tour you can even enjoy the magnificent view of it. The place is also compatible with the one who is photogenic in nature that is the natural beauty of the place will provide you ample opportunity to have a superb photograph.

  • Puffing Billy Tour – You will get an opportunity to ride on the Puffing Billy steam engine train. You will be amazed to know the fact that the Puffing Billy is the oldest railway in the entire region of Australia. While having the tour of the Puffing Billy you will be able to travel through the park, which is none other than the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Other than this you will also have the experience of Sherbrooke forest who is feeding the Crimson Rosellas of its kind.
  • Tour to Penguin viewing – One of the amazing experiences to this place is viewing penguin paddle waddle up the Summerland beach which in turn will make their way to the respective borrows that is in the dunes. If you have planned for the tour of penguin viewing then you will have to travel through the Philip islands and in turn also experience the unique penguin parade. If you want then you can even enjoy the view of the Philip Island Nature Park and the Western port bay.
  • Wildlife Galore – The Great ocean road tour Melbourne is the home for most of the exotic species of both flora as well as fauna. The place serves as a haven for the wildlife enthusiasts. What you can do is that catch the sight of the whales that exist in the Warrnambool or you can simply gaze upon the Kangaroos, Koalas, emus and even the water birds at the thriving reserve of the tower hill State Game.

The best thing is that the Kangaroos in Anglesea are as attracting as the Koalas running around in the great Otway national park or it is simply like taking a dip inside the Kennett River. There are some other attractions too in the region of Melbourne like the introduction to the unique Aboriginal culture, wine, food, festivals and lot more.

All these things make the tour the most fascinating one with the twelve Apostles tour having its unique potential. It is preferable to opt for the custom package of the tour so that you can make most out of it. Enjoy a good holiday in Australia.

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