Why Your Web Pages Are Not Indexing on Google Search?

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Web pages not indexing!! This is extremely frustrating if you had tick-marked all that you were required to. You may have designed your website perfectly taking care of all small details and once it goes live you may not be finding it in Google Search. You start thinking either the person you hired for website designing didn’t do the job correctly or Google simply hates you. Not finding your web pages could be driving you crazy. Well, don’t get disheartened, frustrated or start blaming. There can be various reasons for this. Let’s see what all can lead to such a problem.

Google Has Not Yet Crawled Into Your Web Pages

This is a very real possibility and it happens with most of the new websites. The process of getting indexed starts with the content going through a program called spider where this spider starts a link and crawls through the content. It is these crawled contents that get stored in Google’s index and become visible when a user makes the query for the same. You might not be aware of this procedure, but if you hire a good digital agency in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore or where ever you are comfortable, they are aware of the procedure and make sure it happens.

Used a De-Indexed or Penalized Domain

At times, people use an expired domain. When doing so, you need to make sure that it has a clean history and has not been penalized or de-indexed before. If you are new to all these and are confused about figuring out whether you are using a de-indexed domain, your best bet would be to hire the services of a professional digital agency or expert SEO services in Hyderabad, Chennai or any other place.

Choose Too Competitive Keywords

Often, newbies make the mistake of choosing those keywords that are highly competitive. It’s not wrong to go for it, but then the battle you choose to fight is very intense. If you are new, you might not have the right resources, which include time, money and skill set to fight with established players using those keywords. It’s always better to start will less competitive ones and get your foothold first and then expand slowly targeting the competitive keywords.

You Acted Silly and De-Indexed Your Website

Well, this is a remote possibility, but accidents do happen. If you checked the box ‘search engine visibility’ by mistake, Google will not have access to it. To uncheck this box, go to the ‘Readings’ settings and ensure that the box is unchecked so that the search engines are not blocked from indexing your website. Otherwise, you will be wracking your brain unnecessarily thinking – “Why are my web pages not indexing?”

You Neglected the Importance of Backlinks

Building strong and reputed backlinks is extremely important. If you neglected this important factor, there are high chances that your site is not ranked or visible. So, before complaining, figure out if you have legitimate backlinks from relevant authoritative websites in your niche. These backlinks can be built through different channels like guest posting, blog comments and epic content.

You Don’t Have Positive Reviews about Your Website

This is again catastrophic as Google gives utmost importance to user experience and all its search algorithms are based on it. If users are not happy with your website or web pages, find difficulty in navigating through them or bounce rate is too high, then you need to figure out the reason for it. The best way will be to track the user experience and usability using the various available tools. Take corrective actions immediately if required. Once users start posting positive reviews about your website, you will never fail to get the attention of the search engines.

Your Content Quality Is Shoddy

Longer content does help in getting noticed by the search results, but then it needs to be high-quality content. Simply having long content with no relevant stuff or full of filler words might lead to the problem of web pages not indexing. You should post quality content that appeals to the search engines and engages the users. It is better if you study your competitors’ content and try to match or outshine them in terms of length, quality and depth of content.

These are some of the many reasons that don’t let your web pages get indexed on Google search. At times, all things appear to be in place and still, the problem exists. On deeper analysis, it appears that the hosting services you are using are at the root of the trouble. The website could be taking too long to load and the requests often get timed out. In such cases, changing the hosting services or opting for a better plan is enough to solve the problem.

It actually calls for hiring the services of professionals to look into each aspect and figure out the right reason of the problem. They are the best ones to figure out using their expertise and using the various available tools if the problem is of the website structure, the ones discussed above or of the hosting services. Once they find out what the problem is, they can provide an appropriate remedy for the same.

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