What is cord and how can you store it?


Need good quality firewood to burn in your wood heat stove or fireplace? How many cords do you need this winter? Firewood supply is measured in cords. Regulations for selling firewood depend on the country or state. However, there are some countries in which firewood is not sold by the cord. In Australia, firewood is either sold by volume, weight or lot. In Canada and the US, a full cord measures 4′ high x 4′ wide x 8′ long. The volume of a cord is around 128 cubic feet.

There are some other ways as well for measuring firewood supply such as rick cord and Sheldon cord. Some firewood sellers sell firewood by pick-up load. Learning about these different ways helps buyers in learning about what they are paying for. Before you buy firewood, be aware of the amount of wood or stack size you are going to buy. You will be able to compare the deal offered by different sellers.

As we are in Australia and you are looking for Ironbark firewood for sale in Caringbah, let’s learn about selling firewood by weight, volume and or lot

By Weight

Firewood is measured in kilograms or tonnes when sold by weight. The instrument used for weighing firewood must be trade approved. The weight of the trailer, container, and ropes is excluded. Only the net weight of firewood is considered.

By Volume     

While looking for ironbark firewood for sale in Caringbah, you will find that there are some sellers selling by volume (cubic meter). When it comes to selling by volume, pieces should be neatly stacked. Gaps between the pieces should be kept the minimum. If the seller is using some instrument for measuring firewood then it should be:

  • Approved by NMI (the National Measurement Institute)
  • Verified by NMI inspector or a servicing licensee
  • Accurate

1 m folding rule with a measuring tape can be used for measuring firewood by volume. In order to measure the volume, you can use the following formula:

(width) m x (height) m x (length) m.

Here width, height, and length is the width, height and length of the stack in meters.

By Lot

Some sellers sell firewood by stack, truck or trailer load. There is no reference to the volume or weight of the lot.

Converting between Weight and Volume

Sellers should avoid making claims and assumptions about the weight of a specific volume of wood. Similar, there should be no assumptions made about the volume of a particular weight of firewood. Not all woods have the same moisture content and density. So, conversions between weight and volume are unreliable.

Storing firewood        

Now you have purchased the best quality ironbark wood for burning in Caringbah. How will you store it? As of now, it is just dumped in your yard. If the firewood is split and dried, simply find a convenient spot. Make sure that the firewood is easy to get throughout winter. Keep your firewood under some sort of cover.

In case the firewood is not split and it is wet or green, there is some work for you to do. First of all, split firewood into manageable pieces. Find an open spot and stack it. The time it will take to dry depends on the way you pile or stack your wood. Always start stacking off the ground. Exposure to the sun and air should be maximum. Protect it from moisture if you want to make firewood winter ready. You can also use firewood racks and holders to stack firewood safely.

If you want to buy firewood, you can find a website providing ironbark firewood for sale in Caringbah.

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