What is Kodi and How It Works?

Kodi is literally everywhere. Whenever we talk about awesome streaming services like Netflix, you’ll likely hear someone mention Kodi.
Launched all the way back in 2014, it’s now giving mainstream content streaming services a run for their money.

But what exactly is it and why does it have such a ginormous community online. That is exactly what I’m going to tell you in this blog.

What on earth even is Kodi?

For those of you who aren’t avid streamers, you might not know anything about Kodi. No worries, I’ll explain every bit of it.

Kodi is an open source online streaming application that is on par with the likes of Netflix and even Hulu. However, unlike subscription based services, Kodi is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay even a dime.

That said, Kodi does uses pirated content for its media library. Therefore definitely make sure you get yourself a VPN that works with Kodi.

Anyways, Kodi is also cross platform compatible. So you can run it on phones, laptops, TVs, tablets and even with remote streaming devices like Amazon Firestick.

Best of all:

You can literally stream anything you’re into on Kodi. Whether it’s sports, movies, TV shows, music you name it.

Aside from the amazing content that Kodi offers, it also boasts a super clean and premium looking interface that’s dead simple and fluid to use.

What audio & video formats does Kodi support?

Kodi basically supports all the latest and greatest media formats. For audio files, Kodi supports MP3, AAC and even OGG. These formats offer a wide dynamic range so you can make out every little detail in the content that you’re streaming.

Kodi’s video support is also quite impressive. It easily runs ISO, H.264, and 3D without a hitch. Combine both audio and video support, Kodi offers one of the most immersive media streaming experience.

How does Kodi work?

When you first download the Kodi application, it’s going to be totally blank. You won’t see any shows and movies being displayed like you normally do in Netflix.

It’s basically like a blank canvas. To populate Kodi’s content library, you’ll need to install Add-ons. Add-ons are basically like applications that you download on your smartphone. For instance, if you want to watch sports you’ll download Watch ESPN and for TV shows, you’ll download something like BBC iPlayer.

Similarly for Kodi, you’ll download and install Add-ons. Now there are tons of official and unofficial Add-ons you can use. For instance, Exodus is an all in one Add-on for Kodi that allows you to steam all sorts of latest movies and TV shows.

Is using Kodi illegal?

Now you might be wondering is Kodi legal? I’m not going to beat around the bush, using Kodi is definitely illegal.

Like I said earlier, Kodi uses illegal sources for its content library. Therefore, it is by all means infringing copyrights.

As amazing as it is, using Kodi without a VPN can get you in a lot of trouble.

Wrapping up!

So there you have it guys, this was every you need to know about Kodi. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what Kodi is and what it’s capable of.

Just a tip. Use a VPN if you want to stay out of legal trouble.

What are your thoughts about Kodi? Let me know in the comments, id absolutely love to hear from you guys.

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