Why Must You Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance Before Going On A Vacation To Mexico

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When we talk about the holidays, Mexico is one of the best places to go to. It is an experience of a lifetime as the people welcome you there with their arms wide open. If you really want your vacation in Mexico to be successful, then you really need to buy the Mexican auto insurance. Make sure that you have all the paperwork before you head south of the border if you are looking for a good time over there. Most people do not realize the importance of Mexican auto insurance. It is very important that when you are entering into Mexico, you must have insurance with you. Having insurance with you can make your vacation peaceful. There can be a lot many difficulties that you can face if you do not have insurance and you might even spend all your vacation under local police custody.

Here is why you must get your Mexican auto insurance before going on a trip to Mexico:


In case while you are driving in Mexico and you are involved in an accident, then you can be arrested by the local police. You may have to pay the heavy penalty for violating the law. The law clearly states that you have to buy the Mexican auto insurance, while you are driving your vehicle on the road in Mexico. You also have to pay for the damages that have been caused in the accident. It won’t matter whose mistake it would be as you do not carry the insurance with you. Even, it is a law in Mexico that all the traffic incidents fall under the category of criminal as well as civil offenses. It is not at all like the U.S, where it is only considered as a civil offense. You would have to stay in custody, until proved innocent.

Your local insurance won’t work in Mexico:

Even all the documents say that your U.S car insurance will work in Mexico, you still have to buy Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle. This is so because the law in Mexico is not going to recognize your local insurance if you are from Canada or the even USA. Even if it says that it provides the coverage of up to 100 miles, this still is not going going to fulfill the requirement of the laws in Mexico. Your local policy, where U.S or Canadian is not going to pay for the damages that may have been caused to your vehicle or the other.

Mexican liability coverage:

When you are driving in Mexico, you need to have least Mexican liability coverage which must be underwritten by a Mexican carrier. The police can see your number plate and can stop you ask about your insurance as well as your driving and registration. You can be arrested, or your vehicle can be impounded if you do not carry a least Mexican liability coverage which is the Mexican auto insurance policy. There is so much confusion about this issue as most of the, as well as the U.S citizens, are still unaware of the fact that they need to buy insurance to travel to Mexico.

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