Why RISEN is the best Christian movie of 2016

best Christian movie 2016

Christian based movies or biblical movies carry always the best stories which are ever told. We have been watching so many movies since cinema has taken place. Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies are the most prominent. If we talk about the list of good Christian movies they carry gospel messages and are also fun to watch. The world is full of social media websites and the content present on these media is really popular among people. You might be wondering which best Christian films one can watch. In the year 2016 RISEN was the best movie based on Christianity.

Why it was so popular is the question which is being raised. Christian movies are always related to the biblical event which pulls out one’s soul. This movie is so popular because it carries out the story which is not included in the Bible but i6t contains events which we can find in the Bible. It is among the best Christian movies in 2016. It is regarded as the best historical fictional piece which portrays on the character that we might have not met in the Bible interacts with those who are found there. You will find spiritual content, sexual content and also violent content in this movie. Though there is minor sexual content the violent content is the one which should be concerned about.

RISEN is a remarkable best Christian movie 2016 as it deals with the death of Jesus and also the resurrection from a fresh frame of mind.  In this movie, you have got a chance to look at Jesus with the viewpoint of an outsider, not an insider. With the perspective of an outsider we might know that the person who does not believes in miracle is overwhelmed through the mind-blowing miracles performed in the movie. In this movie, a high ranking roman soldier tries to prove the resurrection was a malicious deception. The movie contains some good dialogues too and is one of the greatest stories ever told.

This is so amazing that the story has been looked from the perspective of an unbeliever. The lead character Clavius follows the footsteps of the Jesus which transformed him or made him so different. RISEN is the best example of a faith-based Christian movie. This movie depicts the harsh reality of the Roman Empire which is so brutal. Jesus is the one who sacrificed his life to save the world from its sins. You will start believing Jesus when you will watch this wonderful movie.

It has been noticed that Christian media is one of the most powerful tools. Through Christianity humanism evolved on the earth and it has been denoted by the name Paradise where the beautiful creation of the god Adam and Eve lived. Christian movies are the best source to connect with God. Want to reach God? Believing in Jesus will lead you towards God who is the greatest power in this whole world. No other power is more than the power of Jesus.

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